Announcing Valo Partner Award APAC winners for 2020

Valo Partner Award Winners APAC 2020

As we are incredibly proud of our Valo Partners who work hard on filling the world with happy Valo Customers, it’s time to announce the winners for two categories in the Valo Partner Awards APAC 2020: Valo Partner of the Year and Valo Contributor Hero.

Earlier this year we already announced our EU Winners and NA Winners during the Valo Online Summits. Now with the results in from APAC, we are excited to announce this year’s Valo Partner Awards 2020 APAC winners.

Valo Partner of the Year 2020 APAC Winner: Digital First

Digital First, a Valo Partner operating in Australia and specializing in Government and Corporate clients, started as a Valo Partner just this year. From their first month they have been marketing and selling Valo successfully with exceptional results. Digital First have actively participated in multiple Valo events, including, most recently, the Valo Dev Kitchen! Given that they have only joined the Valo Partner Network earlier this year, we have been amazed at their innovative, go-get-’em attitude and at the results as well. We are eagerly waiting to see what 2021 has in store for them!

Our judges were impressed with the following:

  • An impressive ability to think outside the box and build growth during the pandemic
  • A great start to their Valo partnership with a loyal customer base achieved in such a short time
  • Their proactive, innovative approach including arranging their own Valo customer events and implementing unorthodox, original marketing ideas
Valo Partner of the Year APAC 2020: Digital First from Australia


We also want to give an honorable mention to the Valo Premium Partner, Insight, who have been a dedicated Valo Partner over a number of years. They possess excellent technical and product knowledge and we acknowledge they consistently provide top quality services for Valo Customers. One of the prime examples was showcased at their excellent session at Valo Fest 2020 where they presented an exceptional implementation of multiple Valo products in under 12 weeks alongside their very satisfied Valo Customer, Murdoch University!

Valo Contributor of the Year 2020 APAC Winner: Richard Ing from Atarix

Valo Contributor of the Year APAC is Richard Ing from Valo Partner Atarix! Richard works as a Cloud Consultant and his contribution in terms of testing and giving constructive feedback to our Valo Teamwork product has been tremendous and greatly appreciated. He excels at contributing back to Valo, offering valuable insight to the product team.

Our judges were impressed also with the following:

  • Willingness to dig into Valo products and test new solutions with the Valo team
  • Provides a conduit of the real-life experiences of our customers
Valo Contributor of the Year APAC 2020: Richard Ing from Valo Partner Atarix

Congratulations to the amazing winners! Sending our #ValoLove to all of you. All past Valo Partner Winners can be found from here so make sure to check those out.


Do you want some of the amazing Valo Partner winners to become your Valo Partner, delivering the digital workplace solutions for your organization? Go and find their contact details from here.

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