Are You Ready for Microsoft Inspire 2021?

Microsoft Inspire 2021

Microsoft is busy preparing for its annual partner event, Microsoft Inspire, taking place next week on July 14-15. We would usually be traveling to Las Vegas, Orlando, or Washington D.C to meet and celebrate the success. However, due to the current conditions, we’ll be joining them online instead.

I was just looking at the recently opened schedule builder and thinking about which sessions to participate in, which tables might be interesting to sit at, and where the experts are.

I have some questions in my mind. For sure, Satya Nadella and the team will be addressing many new topics in the keynotes and breakout sessions, but the actual value of the event has always been in connecting and meeting people.

Preparing for the new hybrid world of work

One of the exciting topics to watch out for is about hybrid work and how Microsoft partners can build services for customers. Whether you are ISV like Valo, or an SI like our Valo Partners, we must learn how to turn our ideas into value to enable our customers to grow faster.

I’ll be attending the “The Cloud Built for a New World of Work” themed session by Jared Spataro and Alysa Taylor from Microsoft. This takes me back to 2005 and Bill Gates’s “New world of work” memo in which he wrote about the challenges information workers were experiencing then.

In it he said:

To tackle these challenges, information-worker software needs to evolve. It’s time to build on the capabilities we have today and create software that helps information workers adapt and thrive in an ever-changing work environment.

Talk about a man with a vision! This statement could have been written today. And it’s at the core of everything we believe here at Valo Solutions.

Microsoft Teams and the employee experience

Personally, my focus will also be on the sessions about Teams, Viva/Employee Experience, and Power platforms from solution areas.

We are all aware that the use of Microsoft Teams has grown extensively during the past year. This has created an enormous opportunity for Valo.

Not only have we created a tool called Valo Teamwork to help our customers manage the governance of Teams.

We’ve also launched another called Valo Connect which enables end-users to access relevant information, documents and even third party apps all within the Teams platform, easily and without having to switch browsers.

Which takes me to what Bill Gates predicted back in 2005 when he said in his memo, “Over the next decade, shared workspaces will become far more robust, with richer tools to automate workflow and connect all the people, data and resources it takes to get things done.”

We are happy to say that we are addressing this with all of our digital workplace tools!

The best of Microsoft Inspire

We are looking forward to meeting you virtually at Microsoft Inspire.

However, if you’re not able to make Microsoft Inspire, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Tune in to our social channels at the end of each day where our very own Daniel Anderson will be there to recap the best of the sessions.


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