ClearBox Intranets in-a-box V5 report covers 30 solutions on top of SharePoint and Office 365 including Valo

Valo Intranet featured in ClearBox Consulting report

It’s here – the massive SharePoint Intranets in-a-box report version 5 where ClearBox Consulting has yet again spent hundreds and hundreds of hours to review 30 solutions built on top of SharePoint in-depth. Naturally, Valo Intranet is featured in the report too!

Starting in 2016 with only six intranet in-a-box solutions to choose from, ClearBox Consulting’s annual report has grown to cover 30 products in depth plus 22 short product listing. This year the report V5 also compares how Modern SharePoint out-of-the-box stacks up as an intranet!

Sounds like a must-have report if you’re currently considering to update your intranet or take one in use utilizing Office 365 and SharePoint! For 2020, Valo Intranet was awarded the “Intranet Choice – Europe 2020” and “Intranet Choice – North America 2020” badges!

There is still room for intranet-in-a-box products on top of Modern SharePoint and Office 365

We’re happy to see ClearBox taking Modern SharePoint under the radar for the first time in the report too. We hear the questions frequently too. What do you provide on top of SharePoint? Is there a need for a separate product at all?

Sam Marshall of ClearBox says there is.

Modern SharePoint out-of-the box now addresses the basic needs for an intranet – it is responsive, easy to use and attractive. However, there are still many gaps to fill, and additional functionality that mature organisations will need. Valo continues to impress us with its close integration with SharePoint and the range of features it offers at this price point.

And that’s the whole point of the report – to give you a review of what all these solutions can bring. Some of the products, like Valo, are staying faithful to SharePoint, building on top instead of offering competing functionalities. Some of the providers are being more distant as some companies might look for more flexibility.

By looking at the Product Comparison Table in the report, each and every product brings more value on top of SharePoint. It is up to you to choose which direction to go with the products.

Valo is a mature intranet product that stays faithful to SharePoint

Valo Intranet is one of the 30 products that get the in-depth valuation in the ClearBox Intranets in-a-box V5.0 report.

ClearBox’s attention is drawn to Valo’s maturity and the pricing compared to the number of features we offer for the base Intranet. Valo Intranet is a well-rounded, constantly improving product appealing to different industries and organizations.

The multilingual feature is one of those features SharePoint is still missing but that we have and are constantly improving! We bring new languages almost with each release (now having 29!). From the mega-menu, you’ll find easy-to-use dropdown menu to navigate in between the languages. We also offer automated translations – the next Valo Intranet Release 1.5 will include translations powered by Google Translate!

ClearBox is highlighting the ease of news creation with scheduling and unpublishing scenarios in Valo Intranet. Valo Digital Workplace, the native mobile app, support for news and notifications in the lock screen get attention in the report as well.

As ClearBox puts it:

Valointranet offers strong O365 integration, good multilingual support and excellent idea management at an attractive price.

ClearBox Choices picked up early 2020

In the previous two years, 2018 and 2019, we have won the “Intranet Choice – Value” award. In other words, Valo Intranet is the best value for money out of the reviewed solutions. This is a recognition we highly value and can be proud of!

Valo Intranet is the Intranet Choice – Value by ClearBox Intranets in-a-box report two years in a row.

ClearBox will announce their choices early 2020 meaning we still need to wait a bit which Choice we are going to get this time! No matter what happens, we stay loyal to being 100 % built on top of SharePoint, bring new features and offer value for your money.

ClearBox Report 5.0 is now available and can be bought from ClearBox with instant download.

ClearBox Intranets in-a-box V5 report is here
The ClearBox Intranet in-a-box Report V5.0 covers 30 intranets in-depth making it perfect buyers’ guide to intranet products built on top of SharePoint and Office 365.


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