In Loving Memory: Jari Pullinen, Valo Vice President

Jari Pullinen

The Valo Family would like to honour Jari’s memory by sharing these beautiful memories and moments we were privileged to have together. This is written based on the words of the Valo team, the Valo Partners and friends – Jari, the father of Valo, truly touched so many lives, in so many ways, all around the world.

In loving memory of Jari Pullinen, the Father of Valo

On Saturday, April 4th, 2020, devastating news reached us. Jari Pullinen, Valo’s Vice President, passed away unexpectedly. This was deeply devastating news for Blue Meteorite, Valo’s Team and our Valo Partner Community, as Jari was Valo’s guiding light, and the person leading us on the path we are on at the moment.

Jari started his career in IT in early 2000 and already back then, as a young boy, he had strong visions that would eventually lead him to become Valo’s Vice President.

Valo was Jari’s passion. His life’s work. He was the reason why Valo grew from zero in 2015, when Valo started the international journey, to where Valo is now.

Jari Pullinen. Valo

Valo may have been Jari’s vision and passion, but he was also a family guy and dad of two boys. He was always ready to adjust the business around family life.

For Jari, Valo was the team. He respected the differences, the nationalities, the variety of the team members. He loved the products, but at the end of the day it boiled down to one thing – people. He loved the team, our partners, and every single moment he spent with the Valo Family.

“Silence isn’t empty. It is full of answers.”

For the Valo Team, Jari was the driving force behind Valo. Jari was not the outspoken leader, but more typical Finnish introvert. When he had something to say, everyone listened. He let other people shine, and he saw the potential in many of us, most likely before we saw it ourselves and he made us believe in the journey.

A man with strong opinions, he might have seen hard to reach at times. When he wasn’t pleased, he didn’t necessarily say anything but instead pushed us forward to exceed ourselves. When he disagreed, he always had a strong vision, that usually proved to be the right one.

When you got credit from him, you had the feeling this time you’ve done your work extremely well. He had a witty sense of humor that sprouted from unexpected situations. The words he said always had a great impact.

So did the silence. He never took the credit for other people’s achievements, he let them shine. He enjoyed the silence. He often looked at the group of people around him, feeling proud of the community and the achievements within it. He never took the credits for himself, he was proud of our collective achievement.

At the Partner Community level, he was known as being the humble, nice, down-to-earth and friendly guy and he made a lot of friendships. His absence is a shock to all of us.

We #ValoLove you. Always and forever

We at Blue Meteorite, Valo Team, and Valo Partner Community will miss Jari deeply. The Valo Family will not be the same without him, even when the show goes on. We will keep Jari close to our hearts and minds, and the Valo heart beating while pursuing the goal of creating the best digital workplaces.

Jari, wherever you are now, we will make you proud of us. We’ll keep building your dream together and will hold your Valo Torch high, making it shine brighter than ever before. You are truly missed, but never forgotten. 💛

Valo Team and Blue Meteorite;
Valo Partners, Valo Community; and
Valo Friends from all around the Valo World.

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