Introducing Valo Partner of the Year 2020 Europe Finalists

Valo Partner of the Year EU 2020 Finalists

It’s time to reveal the three Valo Partner of the Year 2020 Europe Finalists! Introducing, in alphabetical order, Beetroot AG from Switzerland, Bravo Solutions from Norway, and Portiva from the Netherlands!

Valo Partner of the Year shines throughout their whole Valo journey. These three finalists are not only active towards Valo, but have a genuine desire to help employees collaborate and engage with their community by using Valo solutions, have outstanding sales results, high customer satisfaction, overall technical competence, and knowledge and are innovative.

The Valo Partner of the Year EU 2020 winner will be announced in Valo Online Summit EU 2020 in June with the other category winners.

While waiting, let us introduce the finalists.

Valo Partner Awards Finalists

Beetroot AG, Switzerland

One of the most active, and oldest Swiss Valo Partners, Beetroot AG, has been developing its sales and marketing activities with Valo since early 2017 when Beetroot AG was a team of three. Now, employing seven experts, and together with Valo, they are very successful on the internet in-a-box market in Switzerland.

A lot of their success lies behind their marketing actions, including Valo dedicated website, with Valo Competence Center, an active Valo dedicated twitter account, and a roadshow they took in a couple of cities in Switzerland autumn 2019. Naturally, they are experts on the field and have gained strong expertise of Valo products during the years.

They reached Valo Premium Partner status after 14 months of partnering, beginning of 2019, now closing deals monthly. It has been a true pleasure to watch Beetroot AG breathe and grow with us!

Bravo Solutions, Norway

Bravo Solutions, Norwegian Valo Partner, is all the time accelerating their speed with Valo! When the partnership started in autumn 2017, they quickly found their place in Norwegian digital workplace markets being a true role model to any other Valo Partner.

Bravo Solutions have incredible sales success, being among the top Valo sellers at the global level with an excellent customer satisfaction rate. They actively participate in Valo events, share #ValoLove in their social media channels, and organize Valo-related events to their Valo customers. They reached also Valo Premium Partner status in early 2019.

We’re extremely proud of Bravo’s achievements and are convinced this is only the beginning!

Portiva, the Netherlands

Portiva has been a Valo Partner from the early stages of Valo’s international journey. Year after year they keep surprising us with their dedication, expertise, and sales result. Portiva is actively sharing product feedback directly to Valo but also to other partners in the Valo Partner Yammer community and at our events. They nurture their existing customer relationships with Valo Users Community, where they invite customers to further interact with Portiva, and each other.

Portiva has won some category every year at Valo Partner Awards. 2017 when they were announced as the winner for the Customer Success Story category with Vodafone Ziggo case. 2018 they received the Valo Partner of the Year status and 2019 their developer Ruud Brok was acknowledged as the Valo Contributor Hero. They gained Valo Premium Partner status among the first 13 ones, early 2018.

There are so many reasons why Portiva is again to compete to become a Valo Partner of the Year. We just #ValoLove Portiva!

Valo Partner Awards Finalists
Congratulations to the Valo Partner of the Year EU 2020 Finalists!


Congratulations to all of the amazing finalists! Sending our #ValoLove to all of you! 

We thank you all the partners submitting their applications for Valo Partner of the Year EU 2020 Awards. The winners will be announced at the Valo Online Summit EU on June 3rd in five categories; Valo Customer Success Story, Valo Customization, Valo Marketing Master, Valo Contributor Hero and as a cherry on top, Valo Partner of the Year 2020.  


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