Microsoft Ignite’s News & Announcements created a spark within Valo

Well, what an interesting year it’s been! With the world relying even more on digital workplace solutions, it’s no wonder why we’re all the more excited about the awesome announcements Microsoft has brought to our attention. The event created a spark within us that inspired the “Valo Show”.

The Valo Show is a series of interesting talks around all the latest headlines around #MSIgnite hosted by Valo’s Partner Manager and Product Evangelist in Australia, Daniel Anderson. From new Microsoft product announcements such as SharePoint Syntex to the latest features such as Teams Templates; Microsoft’s latest news and announcements definitely brought the heat into the digital workplace.

We will share with you the top five headlines from the event that really caught our attention and allow you to learn more about the Valo Show that we launched during #MSIgnite. We’ll also fill you in on a must-have product that we’ve been working on which allows Microsoft Teams to unify all your digital workplace solutions within one platform. Valo Connect, it’s more than just bringing your distributed team together, it’s combining your whole digital workplace. 

Top 5 Microsoft Ignite announcements that resonated with us

1- SharePoint Syntex is out!

A first of its kind product derived from Project Cortex, this new feature is one that’s on everyone’s radar. An automation tool converted into processes in which through artificial intelligence (AI) is able to go through and organize as well as gather information based on your requirements. It’s a Microsoft 365 solution with SharePoint as its core.

2- The new stream – Microsoft Stream

The smart video app in Microsoft 365 is getting revamped at the end of this year! The feature will be refurbished in order to be able to make and create videos really easily found across the suite.

3- Microsoft Teams Templates

Creating a new team has never been easier! Already out in the market, the template options allow users to shift through prebuilt channels, tabs apps, and settings for specific industries. Individual and ready-made templates for domains such as the healthcare industry will really allow first-line workers to put emphasis and facilitate patient care.

4- Microsoft Search – find what you need finally!

The amount of time you’ll spend searching for anything will be shortened with new updates integrated into Microsoft Search. You’ll be able to expand and find documents as far as within your own Windows desktop’s search box. The search now allows you to expand away from just Microsoft Teams and really enables you to locate anything within your whole Microsoft platform.

5- Project Oakdale

Things just got easier when it comes to building Apps. Project Oakdale has come up with a wonderful feature that now allows anyone to create and bring apps to life. An easy made solution within Microsoft Teams that requires little effort in order to execute a new App.

📣 For all the MSIgnite news and announcements, visit here.

The Valo Show, showcasing #MSIgnite

Microsoft Ignite inspired the Valo Show! A weekly online live session hosted by Valo’s Partner Manager and Product Evangelist in Australia, Daniel Anderson. The show features all the hot topics in the industry with some of the most renown leaders in the field.

We had some special guests join us to talk about what some of the expectations were around this year’s #MSIgnite followed up with a wrap-up session about the event featuring Microsoft MVP’s Vlad Catrinescu, Matt Wade & Joanne Klein.

🎙 Episode 1 – Down under with Microsoft MVP’s Cameron Dwyer & Darrell Webster

To kick off the first edition of this show, we went down under with Australian native Cameron Dwyer followed by the fun and enthusiastic Darrell Webster. Have a listen to see what expectations and hot topics around MS Ignite they looked forward to from an APAC perspective here.


🎙 Episode 2 – Microsoft MVP Helen Blunden, our favorite cat lady!

Microsoft MVP Helen Blunden gave us tips and tricks on practicing mindfulness in the digital workplace and during MSIgnite. Valo’s Mark Powney also joined in on the show along with another surprise puurr-fect guest! Check it out here.


🎙 Episode 3 – Microsoft MVP & comic enthusiast Rene Modery

Connecting with us straight out of Singapore, Microsoft MVP Rene Modery shared with us what he looked forward to around MSIgnite and gave us a peek at his incredible collection of comic books. Listen in to this superhero here.


🎙 Episode 4 – Valo Gurus & Luise Freese

The Valo Team Knut Relbe-Moe, Gokan Ozcifci, Elio Struyf along with our adoptive #ValoFamily member Luise Freese shared their insight about the wonderful event. Four Microsoft MVP’s under one digital roof that all had Table Talk sessions lined up during the show! Get a glimpse of the Valo Family here.


🎙 Episode 5 – Microsoft MVP, David Warner for the win!

Listen in to Microsoft MVP and sports enthusiast David Warner, Catapult Systems as he shared with us about his community work and all his incredible insights around MSIgnite connecting people together. Get a glimpse of his world here.


🎙 Episode 6 – Post #MSIgnite, It’s a Wrap!

Watch below as Microsoft MVP’s Vlad Catrinescu, Joanne Klein and Matt Wade shared all the hot topics around MSIgnite and they’re favorite features around the virtual event. If you missed the actual event, then you don’t want to miss this. Re-watch the show to get enlightened and get some laughs out of it while you’re at it too!

The Valo show has more great episodes coming up next! Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to learn about the latest and greatest during the upcoming ESPC Online 2020 event and other hot trends in the industry. Be ahead of the game, with the Valo Show!


Well, that’s a wrap for anything #MSIgnite related but if you’re interested to know how all your digital workplace features can be integrated within the Microsoft Teams platform then tune in October 13th, 2020 to be part of Valo Connect’s product launch. We’re up to speed with Microsoft technology, are you? Join us for this incredible event that’s about to make your distributed workforce feel like they’re sitting under the same roof.

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