Announcing Valo Partner Award Winners 2021 for Europe!

For a fifth year, it is time to reveal the winners for the Valo Partner Awards in Europe. It has again been a pleasure to see the dedication and enthusiasm the Valo Partners have towards Valo even during the times the world has been turned upside down.

As the nature of the awards is to pick the best out of the best, here they come: the Valo Partner Award Winners for 2021 in Europe!

Valo Partner of the Year 2021 Europe: Beetroot AG 

Beetroot AG, Valo Premium Partner from Switzerland, started their partner journey with Valo in 2017 with only three people now employing 11 experts. During the past year, thanks to intensive sales and marketing activities such as various webinars and tech-talks, social media posts and a lot of virtual and on-site customer presentations, Beetroot has been successfully riding Switzerland’s digital workplace wave together with Valo!

Over the years, Beetroot AG has shown increasing expertise, intensive marketing actions, and enthusiasm towards Valo. A great example of an SME that with passion towards their business can reach anything.

Our judges were impressed by Beetroot’s performance especially for the following reasons:

  • Great capability to adapt new Valo Products
  • Always one step ahead with their Valo promotions
  • Competitive sales figures and number of customers considering the size of the company and the market they operate in
Valo Partner Of The Year 2021 EU Beetroot  AG

Valo Customer Success Story 2021 Europe: Synergi & Princes Limited

This energetic Valo Premium Partner from UK, Synergi, has a great Valo Customer portfolio which Princes Limited, one of Europe’s largest food and drink groups, is only one example of. Having people scattered all over Europe in offices and manufacturing sites, Princes wanted to modernize their digital workplace to reach and engage their workforce with a strong visual and branded look. Synergi introduced them with Valo Intranet, Valo Teamwork, and Valo Connect to meet their needs – successfully!

Our judges appreciate Synergi’s customer success story especially for the following reasons:

  • They not only created an awesome multilingual Valo Intranet and Valo Connect, but they also got the company to move to M365
  • An excellent example of how Valo’s solutions fit also the most demanding needs where blue and white-collar staff are located in multiple locations, using different languages
  • The integration of so many Valo offerings is delightful!
Valo Customer Success Story 2021 EU Winner Synergi

Valo Marketing Master Europe 2021: ACP Digital Business Applications GmbH

Valo Premium Partner ACP Digital Business Applications from Austria has always been very active in their Valo-related marketing actions. Their team members are often speaking in virtual events organized by PR, marketing, and communication organizations. At these events, they share insights around e.g. employee experience, communication strategy & trends for the digital workplace combined with Valo’s portfolio. On top of being active in events, their digital presence is always top-notch, topped with excellent co-branding with Valo!

Our judges were also delighted about ACP’s marketing actions for the following reasons:

  • They are extremely proactive with their marketing with extensive Valo presence in all its channels
  • They have pages for all Valo products and quickly adapt to new trends and pick on new Valo products as well
  • They have done great co-branding and co-marketing actions that are gaining attraction and bringing strong results!
  • They are always spreading the #ValoLove smiles on their face!
Valo Marketing Master EU Winner 2021 ACP

Valo Customization Europe 2021: Solvion Information Management GmbH

Solvion, a Valo Premium Partner from Austria, has implemented multiple customizations in Valo Intranet and Valo Teamwork for their customer Omicron. Their customizations skills show a deep understanding of Valo Products. One of their customization to Valo Teamwork’s dashboard panel was later added as a default feature to Valo Teamwork! A great example of successful customization that shows the power of the partner network and their skills to work with Valo’s offering.

Valo judges were impressed with Solvion’s customizations especially for the following reasons:

  • Ability to provide a tailored solution that combines Valo, third-party applications, and the Microsoft platform
  • A full packaged solution, which shows the added value of a partner being engaged with the customer, while utilizing the building blocks that Valo Intranet provides
  • Solving customer needs holistically shows ingenuity and commitment to meeting the customer’s specific requirements on many levels.
Valo Customization EU 2021 Solvion

Valo Contributor Hero Europe 2021: Daniel Schnyder, Beetroot AG

One of Beetroot AG’s founders, Daniel Schnyder is also personally very active in the Valo Partner Community playing a great role especially when it comes to sharing insights for Valo Teamwork.

Daniel is always ready to jump in a call to validate ideas we want to discuss with partners. He is also active in consuming the product-related materials we share in the partner channels sharing feedback to help us improve the product!

Valo Contributor Hero 2021 EU Daniel Schnyder

Congratulations to all the amazing winners for Valo Partner Awards 2021! Sending our #ValoLove to all of you! 

Valo Partner Award Winners APAC and NA were announced for the first time on the same day as part of the Valo Online Summit, November 18, 2021. All the past Valo Partner Winners from 2017 onwards can be found here

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