Sharing the #ValoLove at Microsoft Inspire


Valo Intranet was a proud sponsor of the Microsoft Inspire 2017 in Washington, D.C. Like before, we were very excited to get there – it’s absolutely the biggest and most important yearly event for us, a perfect combo on our journey of building Valo’s global intranet partner network.

Towards modern working lives

We listened the keynote on 1st day and a key takeaway was that there’s only a one word for describing the future: modern.

And so is Valo Intranet. It’s a front door to a modern workplace and brings together the power of variety of Microsoft’s communication tools and platforms.

From now on, Microsoft is focusing more on partners and placing them at the center of their business. Microsoft wants to grow together with this strategy:

  • Build-with
  • Go-to-market
  • Sell-with

That is exactly what we, at Valo Intranet, are doing as well, and have got amazing results so far. When Satya Nadella was on stage, he highlighted Microsoft’s community: “Thank you for your drive to make us collectively better”. We’re more than happy to be a (small) part of this huge ecosystem!

“Oh! Love your booth, brand, and product”, we heard

There you go! That’s our goal, our mission. It was super nice to hear the attendees saying that we are fun to talk with, our vibes make them feel good and we’re popping up the crowded booths’ area with our beautiful and simple brand. And that’s what we are.

We want to change people’s working lives by making better experiences at work, spreading happiness in fun-loving way and bringing a smile on everyone’s face.

By the way, did you already know that Valo means ‘light’ in Finnish? Yep! Valo brings more love and sunshine into workplaces.

“You’re too cool team”, said Microsoft

.. when they tweeted awesome cartoon figures of the Valo Team. Thanks @MicrosoftPartner, you’re superb and totally made our day! ♥ We shared the how-amazing-is-that picture on our internal Yammer channel. Oh boy, we have had so much fun with our coworkers, lol! And this is also what we are aiming for every day, at work and with our team, partners, and customers. We don’t want to be boring. Life is too short for that.

We are the “cool kids” of the Microsoft Partner Community. And ready to play with you, too!

Happy hour with hot dogs and cold beer

Sounds good, right? And it was! We were happy to share tasty moments with the attendees. And have to say, our bartender was a cool professional guy, who fell in love with Valo Intranet immediately (see his brand new Valo trucker cap, #trendsetter).

Valo Partner Reception with friends, networking, and laughing

We were hosting the Valo Partner Reception at the DNV Rooftop Pool Terrace. The view over the city was unbelievable, and so was the atmosphere. It was around 90 Fahrenheit, meaning 34 Celsius. It felt like sauna and even for us Finns, in the team, it was almost too much. But luckily our juicy cocktails with a bunch of ice were cooling us down a bit! It was a memorable get-together with the Valo Partner Family and our new potential partners, who we had met during the event. The evening was a full of joy, finger food, and business. And of course, the #ValoLove was in the air. Awesomeness! Thanks for these memories, we all have fallen in love with the Valo Partner Community.

5x growth in partnerships and 300 new potential partners

Last year, we had approximately 20 partners when the Worldwide Partner Conference was held. Now, a one year later, our partner network has grown significantly and is five times bigger: 100 partners in 30 different countries. We are happy working closely with our partners and extremely happy with the results of our co-operation!

At Inspire, we had 3,5 busy days and countless interesting conversations. This year, we doubled the amount of leads. We got 300 new potential partners – wow, that’s something! And this shows who we are.

We are the most international and partner friendly intranet product.

Our follow-up process regarding Inspire is in progress, and behalf of our whole Valo Team, we are exciting to continue our Valo story together.

So, what’s next? A brand new release and upcoming events

While Jari, Knut, Seb and me were sharing the cool Valo spirit at Inspire, our product development team was working hard – and announced the Valo Intranet Release 1.13 is ready for download, yay!

And where can you meet us next? We are sponsoring over 40 events per year, all around the world, so I bet we’ll meet again, soon! Our next events are SPS New York, SharePoint Fest Seattle, and Microsoft Ignite.

Psst. Last but not least, many thanks to Matthew and Adam from Kinetal! You worked hard with shooting videos and taking pictures of us at the conference. Way to go, guys!

Want to feel the #ValoLove?

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