Staffbase and Valo Join Forces to Form the Leading Internal Communication Platform for Microsoft 365

Award-winning internal communication (IC) platform providers, Staffbase and Valo Solutions join forces to become the global leader of employee communication tech. The acquisition creates the world’s largest and fastest-growing internal communications company.

Staffbase, a leading provider of digital solutions for internal communications, is acquiring Valo Solutions, the Finnish-based leading provider of intranets and workplace solutions for Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

By joining forces, Staffbase and Valo will create the world’s largest company to provide internal communications platforms. After the acquisition, the combined workforce consists of almost 600 experts throughout the world. Valo Solutions will continue working on its’ current offering independently within Staffbase as a separate unit.

Staffbase is one of the fastest-growing, most experienced internal communications platform providers for enterprise companies. The mobile compatibility of the company’s platform allows employers to securely reach their employees everywhere with reduced complexity – whether in the office, at home, on the factory floor, or on the road.

Creating a difference in the way people experience work

Gartner estimates that Microsoft owns nearly 90% of the productivity software market. Since COVID-19 began to affect workplaces around the world, the number of Teams users expanded from 75 million in April 2020 to 145 million as of April 2021 for todays’ nearly 250 million users. 

Recognizing that Microsoft 365 is central to most digital workplace strategies, Staffbase and Valo unite to make a difference in the way people experience work by providing a world-class employee communication and engagement platform for Microsoft 365 users.

Valo is a trusted partner for premium add-ons for Microsoft Viva, Teams, and SharePoint. We are very excited to see the Internal Communication specialists of Staffbase teaming up with Valo as we see a huge potential to leverage Microsoft Viva, Teams, and SharePoint for Internal Communicators.

Transparent internal communication and great employee experience lead to improved employee well-being, motivation, and efficient workflow. From content creation to sharing, design, and measurement, the joint offering will empower organizations to deliver timely, impactful communication to their employees anywhere, anytime, on any device.

I feel that something unique has been born. Together we make a difference for over five million users’ workplace experiences worldwide. Combining the two technically robust platforms to complete the seamless employee experience offers both Staffbase and Valo users great possibilities to meet the ever-changing needs as the world requires more personalized and agile digital communication solutions in hybrid workplaces.  I am most thrilled about the opportunity for our talented people to have a global impact on the future of internal communications.

Award-winning IC Providers create the world’s largest and fastest growing internal communications company

Both companies have been recognized for their expertise in the field. Valo is selected three times as Best Intranet / Extranet Solution by European SharePoint Community, twice as the Intranet Choice – Value Award (2018 & 2019), and as an Intranet Choice Europe and North America 2021 by UK-based independent intranet consultancy company ClearBox Consulting.

Staffbase has been rated as the best employee communication software in several G2 categories, such as Enterprise Leader, High Performer, and Best Support. It has also received the ClearBox 2021 Global Employee App Choice Award and MarCom’s 2021 Best App for Business Gold Award.

Customers will continue using their trusted providers, and will eventually have access to a fully integrated multichannel internal communication platform under the Staffbase brand.

The Digital Workplace market is growing rapidly. Valo and Staffbase’s solutions are complementing each other in this globally consolidating market. Therefore Valo’s owners decided to join forces with Staffbase.

Cultural match made in heaven enable fast delivery of joint offering

Valo and Staffbase have a perfect cultural match that enhances the time to delivery. Both companies have a working culture that is based on trust, respect, and having fun while working hard. The leadership principles are also based on transparency, inclusion, and collaboration. Cultural similarities enable fast go-to-market with the joint offering and create new development opportunities.

This acquisition is more than just the joining of products and product visions. It’s a joint cultural evolution. Together, with the best talent in the industry with knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem, we will elevate communication and employee experience across all major internal comms channels, including intranets, SharePoint, Team, employee apps, email, and digital signage.

With headquarters in Chemnitz, Germany, and offices in Amsterdam, Cologne, Dresden, Berlin, London, Munich, New York City, Vancouver, and Kelowna, Staffbase provides branded solutions for more than 1,000 leading companies worldwide who are transforming their employee communications including Adidas, Audi, Vestas, Spark Power, Paulaner, UC Health and US LBM.

For more information about the acquisition, please contact:

Valo Solutions
Matilda Kivinen / Chief Marketing Officer
E-mail: zngvyqn.xvivara@inybfbyhgvbaf.pbz

Staffbase Inc.
Leigh Nofi
PR Manager, North America, UK
E-mail: yrvtu@fgnssonfr.pbz

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