Three Valo Partners reached Premium Partner status in 2020

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The new year is here and it is time to announce the Valo Partners that have reached the Premium Partner status in the last quarter of 2020. By creating better digital workplaces for customers, these three partners reached the Valo Premium Partner status: ADVIS from Switzerland and ACP and Solvion from Austria reached the status in the very turbulent year!

Valo Premium Partner status means that the partner is selling and implementing Valo with excellent results. In total, we now have 29 Premium Partners.

Since the last announcement in January 2020 these three partners, all located in the DACH region, Europe, reached the Premium Partner status (in the order they have reached it):

  • ADVIS, Switzerland
  • Solvion, Austria
  • ACP, Austria

ADVIS, based in Bern, Switzerland, has been Valo Partner since early 2018. They develop intelligent, user-centric, and beneficial solutions with passion! ADVIS reached the Valo Premium Partner Status in September 2020.

Solvion, from Raaba-Grambach, has been Valo Partner since the end of 2017 and was the first Valo Partner in Austria to reach the Valo Premium Partner status in November 2020. Since 2002 they have been digital optimists, inspiring companies to realize the full potential of their digital work and customer experiences by developing digital workplaces of the future for and with their customers.

ACP Business Applications GmbH, from Wien, Austria, is one of the leading IT providers in Austria and Germany with more than 50 branches. Their 360° IT portfolio is based on custom-made solutions on top of Microsoft 365, offering also Valo to optimize corporate communication with high user adoption with proven change management methods. ACP partnered with Valo at end of 2017 and reached the status in December 2020.

Advis, Solvion and ACP have been very dedicated Valo Partners throughout our collaboration these years. Their ability to reach the premium status, especially on a challenging year, is excellent proof of how our partners have had perseverance, tenacity, and brilliant customer relationship skills.

At the beginning of 2021we have 29 Valo Premium Partners globally. in all our three main business areas Europe, North America, and APAC! All Valo Premium Partners are listed on top of the country list in our Find a Partner Page being an indicator of excellent Valo knowledge.




Valo Premium Partner
Valo Premium Partner status is an indicator of excellent Valo knowledge.


Congratulations to all new Valo Premium Partners!

Valo Premium Partners are certified Valo Partners that have reached the pre-set goal of selling and implementing Valo, being an excellent partner not only for Valo but also to the customers. The next new Valo Premium Partners will be announced in the second half of 2021.


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