Tomi Tavela to become 10th Microsoft MVP at Valo!

Valo Team

Valo Team now has 10 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) at the team as Valo’s Tech Lead and architect for mobile apps, Tomi Tavela is awarded with the status. Tomi has worked long and hard in the industry and is known especially of his SP Editor browser extension.

Microsoft MVP Award is a recognition given by Microsoft to individuals for their contribution and leadership in the partner community. 1st of March 2020, Tomi was announced as Office Development Microsoft MVP.

I have always been privileged to work with super talented people from who I have learned so much. The amazing SharePoint community has been a thriving force for me to give something back. It feels extremely good to be recognised as a MVP from those contributions and I feel my efforts has been welcome.

SP Editor is a free-time project with over 10 000 active users

SP Editor is a free and open-sourced browser extension, that Tomi has built to help all developers working with SharePoint. It includes features like PnPjs Console, Search and WebHooks bringing developing SharePoint to a more unified platform. At the moment, it has over 10 000 active users.

Because of his hard work with the SP Editor, Tomi was also amongst the four finalists in the “Best Community Contribution” category at the European SharePoint Community 2019 Awards!

The first version of the browser extension was developed around six years ago when one of the first Valo intranet in-a-box releases was being built. All the client-side customizations were put up together using the tool as it made it so much faster and easier. Tomi felt he wanted to share the extension with everyone in the community to advance the community and provide the developers with the possibility to enhance their initiatives and SharePoint.

The community has taken the extension in use and it has gained an average of 10 000 weekly users.

SP Editor is something Tomi, with the help of the community, keeps developing during his free time. It has saved professionals in the community more than we can count!

SP Editor is one of the tools we use at every project as it makes the developer’s life easy. I am really happy to see that Tomi get’s the recognition it earns.

Tomi is one of the key players at Valo

Tomi has a long history with Valo, being one of the first original seven members. He has been working with Valo product since its very first version back in 2011. Before that, he worked on different Intranet and website projects with multiple Finnish customers.

Now Tomi is the architect of the Valo Digital Workplace App and the Valo Intranet App that was awarded as the Best Mobile Solution in the ESPC 2018 awards.

Total of ten Microsoft MVPs

The number of MVPs at the team has been growing steadily. Last year all the existing MVPs’ renewed their statuses and we got three new ones as Gokan Ozcifci and Erwin van Hunen joined the team and later Antti Koskela received the status. The number has doubled since June 2018.

In total, we have now ten MVP’s from seven different countries:

We couldn’t be more proud of the work they do for the global SharePoint and Office 365 community. And we can’t wait to see who amongst Valo will be the next Microsoft MVP!


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