Top 10 brightest Valo moments in 2019

Valo Team

This year has been super! Our Valo Intranet, intranet-in-a-box solution on SharePoint, Teamwork and Idea Management products have developed tremendously, our Valo Family is much bigger and stronger than last year and as the cherry on top, we have given and received lots of awards!

1. Over 200 new Valo customers in 2019

Incredible. Just incredible. This brings the total number of our customers to around 650 and over 2 million happy #ValoLover users! The top five market areas this year have been the United States, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

If you want to hear the stories of our customers and see how the Valo Digital Workplace solutions can help you in your day-to-day job, take a look at our Customer Stories!

2 .Solid 30% growth and a €1.6m growth accelerator funding

In 2019, our organic turnover will be around +30% compared to last year when our global revenue grew +48%. To boost this growth even further, we received an accelerator funding from The Finnish public funding agency Business Finland, directed by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

This will help us fulfill our mission to become the world’s leading digital workplace solution, built on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. We are eager to see where we land this year in terms of product development, Valo Family’s size and expansion of our offices!

Valo Team
Valo Team get-together

3. Over 25 new colleagues in a year

As it would happen, getting a great push to grow with the Business Finland funding, meant also a lot of new recruitments. The Valo Team has gotten more people for every single area from marketing to product development.

We are still looking for new talents to our evolving and growing team so if you feel like you would be the one to join us, check out our open careers and leave and application (we also take open applications)!

4. “Best Intranet/Extranet” at ESPC Awards 2019

Last year, we won the Best Mobile Solution category during the European SharePoint Community Awards. This year Valo participated in two categories, “Best Intranet/Extranet Solution” and “Most Innovative SharePoint Solution”, and our Tech Lead Tomi Tavela’s SP Editor was announced as a finalist in the Best Community Contribution category at ESPC19.

We brought home an award from the “Best Intranet/Extranet” category! This means our Intranet is the best in Europe for the third time! We really have to thank our whole Valo Team, our Partners, customers and friends from all over the world. This win wouldn’t have happened without you to the biggest thank you and lots of #ValoLove sent your way! 

5. Microsoft Inspire 2019 double win

Microsoft Inspire this year was a success! We won two prizes: Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year Finland and IAMCP 2019 P2P Bronze Winner – EMEA with our incredible, and one of the first Valo Partners ever, Dutch Valo Premium Partner I4-YOU.

On top of that we had a lot of fun, met amazing people, continued to build a stronger relationship with our Partners and much, much more. If you wish to read more about this successful event, do it here. And don’t forget, we are going to be there also in 2020!

This was the peak after we got nominated in the top 20 Microsoft Digital Partners in the Digital Marketing Excellency report for 2019, published this summer. This was truly an honor and boosted us towards the rest of the year!

6. Multiple new product and feature releases

Valo Intranet on top of classic SharePoint was introduced 2015, and we have kept developing it ever since, now reaching already release 1.21 Wave. Our newest baby, Valo Intranet built 100% on top of Modern SharePoint, grew so much and even celebrated its 1st birthday in September!

The latest release 1.5 Halogen brought back the highly requested LUX UI also for the modern intranet on top of SharePoint, job postings, recurring events and much more. Our classic intranet has already met the WCAG 2.1 accessibility criteria but since the 1.5 release for modern intranet, we are fully accessible with our intranet-in-a-box solutions!

Valo Intranet LUX UI on modern
Valo Intranet LUX UI on modern intranet, built 100% on top of SharePoint

Valo Digital Workplace App’s (download it if you use our modern Intranet!) newest version just launched! Valo Teamwork continues to develop with better lifecycle management, six new languages and group info cards. Idea Management got facelifts and more is to come! For next year we have great plans for all of our existing products and some new releases as well, stay tuned!

7. Valo Summit Tour & Valo Partner Awards

We welcomed all Valo Partners’ business developers and techies to learn more from invaluable knowledge on Valo, SharePoint and Office 365 from experts and visionaries in the community. In the Valo Summit Tour, they had the opportunity to network, share stories and compare best practices with the Valo Team and like-minded Valo Partners.

As a part of the Valo Summit Tour, we had The Valo Partner Awards, which recognize the contributions and success of our partners, who have shown special dedication to working with Valo.

In the year 2020, we are doing it again! This time the tour and awards will be better than ever, so have a look above on what’s to come, reminiscent the previous Valo Summit Tour and keep an eye out for the news!

8 .#ValoTeamCamp in Barcelona in September

A trip none of the 50+ #ValoTeam members will never forget! There was so much happiness, laughter, and hard work present with business updates, team building activities, product roadmaps and the #ValoParty on Tuesday. For almost half of the team, it was their first Valo trip since the team has doubled in size during the last year. Crazy, right?

If you wish to hear more about what we did during September, take a look. We are also still recruiting new people from all over the world, so check out if you could be the next addition to the #ValoFamily!

Valo Team Australia

9. Announcing new office locations in Krakow and Melbourne

During the first half of the year, we expanded our office locations once more. Since the start of 2019, we officially have an office in Krakow, Poland, with multiple talented team members. Starting from next year, we will be having an office in Melbourne, Australia. 

The opening of the APAC office brought our total number of offices to five around the world. Now we are even more able to support our Partners and the whole community globally on time!

2019 eBooks Guides

10. Two new guides this year, wow!

It was a great year also for our precious Microsoft MVPs’ and guest bloggers. We had more guest content than ever and got to make them into two great guides which are all still downloadable, for free of course!

This year our frequent MVP-guest Matt Wade was featured in our blog and all of his blog posts collected into a single, easy-to-read guide with the title “A Guide to Intranet Home Page Design 101”.

Our own Microsoft MVP and Product Lead Sébastien Levert’s blog posts and webinar were collected into a downloadable guide “Creating Engaging Content in SharePoint Online”. The content from this one can be utilized far beyond just SharePoint! And don’t be afraid, there is still a lot in store for next year so stay tuned!


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