Valo Customer Success Story 2019: BAM, I4-YOU

Valo Awards Winner i4-You
Valo Customer Success Story winner 2019, I4-YOU’s BAM, is a great example of how an outdated, not-used intranet can be brought back to life with the right solutions and expertise behind implementation.

When I4-YOU started working with Royal BAM Group, they had an outdated and fragmented intranet environment that needed replacing. Employee use of intranet was minimal, resulting in a very limited reach.

Valo Customer Success Story 2019 Winner: BAM, I4-YOU

The goal was to create a new Group intranet environment that aligned and supported access to information.

Our judges were impressed with:

  • great collaboration and teamwork between Valo Partners i4-YOU and Blue Meteorite
  • very impressive customer success story
  • the One BAM values, especially open collaboration and scale-able learning
  • sharing and communication, facilitating collaboration within the Group

A great endeavor, conquering a huge organization that encompasses different types of users, a presence in several countries, as well as different cultures to consider. It is a great example of smart cooperation between partner organizations.

See winner thoughts after the awards ceremony:

Now in its third year, Valo Partner Awards recognize the contributions and success of our partners who have shown special dedication to working with us.  Valo Partner Awards, which shine a light on our partnerships, are awarded in five categories including Valo Partner of the Year, Customization of the Year, Valo Marketing Master of the Year, Customer Success Story of the Year, Contributor Hero of the Year. All awards, except for the Contributor Hero, are distributed based on Partner’s submissions.


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