Valo Customer Success Story of the Year Award 2017: VodafoneZiggo, Portiva

Are you ready, here comes the Customer Success Story of the Year in Valo Partner Awards 2017!

The Winner is: VodafoneZiggo, Portiva, Netherlands


  • VodafoneZiggo is a very well-known brand.
  • Portiva has implemented a beautiful custom UI which is following the branding guidelines, great!
  • Their customizations are in line with Fresh Subscription.
  • Portiva managed to do the implementation in a really short time frame – smooth!
  • This Customer Success Story has a high adoption of end users.
  • Portiva had a perfect competition submission with business benefits and all, that’s impressive.

The Valo Team congratulates! We love partners who have courage to design something new and ‘different’!

Juha Koivula
Valo Product Manager

Glory and shine to the Winner!

At Portiva we are incredibly proud we have won this Award! We feel this is the crown on an already very successful project, which would not have been possible without the product and support of Valo Intranet.

Maarten Eekels


The Valo Partner Awards recognizes the contributions and success of our partners and shine the light on partnerships, who have shown special dedication to working with us. This award recognizes outstanding achieve​ment to deliver a wo​rld-class customer experience. They have shaped customer’s workdays by helping them to fall in love with Valo Intranet and their outstanding customer-centric services. Excellent feedback from their customer makes the winner stand out! 

The Award Winners were announced on Thursday 4 May at the Valo Partner Summit 2017 in Florence, Italy. This very 1st Valo Partner Summit gathered together dedicated Valo Partners from 14 different countries all around the world!

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