Valo Customization 2019: STEMShare by SharePoint Gurus

Valo Customization of the Year 2019 Winner SharePoint Gurus

Valo Customization of the Year 2019 award celebrates the passion, expertise, and creativity that extends beyond Valo features. Winner of 2019, SharePoint Gurus created a Community Learning Library on top of existing Valo features for NSW Department of Education’s 250 000 users.

The STEMShare Community Learning Library (STEM – Science, Technology Engineering and Maths) is an online space for teachers and students across NSW Department of Education to collaborate and share STEM Education related resources in a visual way. With 250 000 users NSW Department of Education has the largest Office 365 Tenant in the Southern Hemisphere. July 1st 2019 STEMShare is officially part of T4L Community and called stem.T4L.

The environment provides a knowledge base to support the use of robotics and STEM equipment available to schools as well as encourages the sharing of teaching and learning resources. Built on Valo Modern and modern SharePoint Online, users can come to the platform and create boards that contain visual cards leading visitors to resources inside O365 and intranet linked to them.

Here is why Valo Team was impressed with the customization:

  • This customization is extremely useful, and the user interface looks amazing
  • STEMShare Community Library complements Valo Modern features nicely and is almost a separate product compatible with Valo rather than just a customization
  • Impressive, amazing, huge customization – just wow!
  • With 250 000 users NSW Department of Education is the largest Valo installation in the world

Congratulations SharePoint Gurus for the achievement!

See SharePoint Guru’s thoughts about the winning:

See also stem.T4L project’s Lead Learning Designer’s Pip Cleaves testimonial about the succesful project:



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