Valo Customization of the Year 2018: Multilingual Intranet News, GIS AG

valo customization of the year 2018 winner gis

Valo Customization of the Year 2018 award celebrates the passion, expertise, and creativity. GIS AG created a brilliant Multilingual Intranet News customization for their German customer that complements the native multilingual capability of Valo in a perfect way. Hooray!

Multilingual news is a very commonly required feature – and no wonder, most of Valo customers are big corporations with several branches across the globe. GIS AG, Valo Partner from Germany, that is in 2021 merged as part of novaCapta, tackled the challenge by offering a customization that:

  • is an innovative and well-functioning solution
  • improve production, targeting, displaying and commenting multilingual news
  • is not only compatible with Valo but also built beautifully on top of SharePoint using modern tools
  • shows great “Valo Hack” attitude
  • can be extended to fulfill specific customer needs

GIS has solved internal communication challenge commonly encountered by many multinational corporations by extending Valo: multilingual news editing and delivery. GIS’s solution builds on extensibility possibilities of Valo to improve production, targeting, displaying, switching language versions, and commenting of news in multilingual intranets. The problem is solved in two different customer cases, and for each case GIS has provided customized solution fulfilling specific customer requirements. Well done!

Jarmo Kuusinen, Valo

Valo Customization of the Year 2018: GIS AG

We are very honored to recieve the award for the best customization of the year! As we are always in search of products, that can empower our customers together with our services, we are very proud to be a part of the Valo family. Our team is looking forward to continuative close collaboration and further successful projects together!

Matthias Fleischer, GIS AG

Congratulations to the whole GIS Team for creating an award-winning Multilingual Intranet News!

Valo Customization of the Year 2018 GIS AG


Valo Partner Awards recognizes the contributions and success of our partners and shine the light on partnerships, who have shown special dedication to working with us. Valo Partner Awards are awarded in five categories including Valo Partner of the Year, Customization of the Year, Valo Marketing Master of the Year, Customer Success Stoy of the Year, Contributor Hero of the Year. All awards, except for the Contributor Hero, are distributed based on Partner’s submissions. 

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