Valo digital workplace solutions provider Blue Meteorite is now Valo Solutions

Blue Meteorite now Valo Solutions

Finnish-based IT company behind Valo’s solutions, Blue Meteorite (BM) is now Valo Solutions. Established 20 years ago in 2001 as a Microsoft consulting business, Blue Meteorite is known internationally especially for its award-winning Valo Intranet solution.

Blue Meteorite expanded the business in software product development in 2011 when the first version of intranet-in-a-box solution Valo Intranet was developed. Blue Meteorite expanded to international markets in 2015 when BM signed its first partner agreements in the Netherlands. Today, Valo Solutions operates not only in Europe, but also in Australia and North America through its subsidiaries together with + 250 delivery partners. With 300 customers and over 3 million users, it has gained its place in the digital workplace environment.

The name change became topical when Blue Meteorite’s consultancy business was sold to Finnish Valtti Kumppanit in September 2020.

Blue Meteorite continues focusing purely on software development. New name enables more consistent brand that matches with the two subsidiaries and the brand, especially in the European Markets. Blue Meteorite will continue as an auxiliary company name.

Valo Solutions answers requirements new hybrid digital workplaces have

Valo Solutions offers digital workplace solutions to complement Microsoft’s offering. Focusing especially to communications with Valo Intranet and collaboration with Valo Connect and Valo Teamwork, Valo aims to create a better employee experience and success for the people working in digital environments, especially in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

In the past years, Valo has been acknowledged with several awards, being selected three times as Best Intranet / Extranet Solution by European SharePoint Community and as the Intranet Choice – Value award by UK-based independent intranet consultancy company Clearbox Consulting. In Finland, Blue Meteorite was selected as Microsoft ISV (Independent Software Vendor Partner) of the Year 2020.

Valo Solutions keep developing their software to match the everchanging needs as the world requires more personalised and agile digital workplace solutions in the new hybrid workplaces. Valo Solutions employs almost 70 different experts in all three main business areas, being an excellent example of the needs new hybrid work today requires.

You can already find our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts with @valosolutions (formerly @valointranet).

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