Valo Intranet wins Best Intranet / Extranet Solution Award at ESPC16

Wohoo, it’s time to celebrate! Valo Intranet is the winner of Europe’s Best Intranet / Extranet Solution! So super excited now. Many thanks to all who voted for us! We love you back! ♥ Cheers!

Valo Intranet was named as a finalist for the Best Intranet / Extranet Award category at European SharePoint Conference 2016. The winner was announced during the #ESPC16 conference in Vienna with 1,500 attendees and among the 5 finalists – and Valo Intranet won! We couldn’t be any prouder, we are so grateful of all your votes! This recognition means a lot to us and shows that we’re doing the right things. Thanks again to everyone who made this possible. What an epic day!

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Big thanks and hugs

We want to thank our amazing Valo Partners around the world for their part in winning this wonderful award. We want to do everything we possibly can to help you succeed with your SharePoint and Office 365 business and to serve your customers better with a world-class intranet product.

We are also very proud of every one of our customers and the job we do for them. Valo, a key-ready intranet, wouldn’t be like it is today without your feedback and contribution. Thanks for challenging us! We are always looking at new ways to exceed your expectations, make your workday experience awesome, and help you to keep up the speed of change.

We help people love their intranet

Special thanks go to each and every member of our Valo Team. We are a group of ambitious, motivated, and hardworking teammates who are improving the product all the time, listening our customers carefully, and sharing the love of Valo. In addition, we are really grateful the support we get from our talented colleagues and SharePoint experts who work with Blue Meteorite, the company behind Valo Intranet. Together is better, like always!

Dream big, go bigger

Say again, “Valo Intranet is the winner..”. Sounds so great! Just wait a second. How this all happened? We have a long history with developing SharePoint-based intranets, precisely 15 years. Having hundreds of projects under our belt, we have got a deep understanding of customers’ pain points and needs. Actually, those things are quite similar for every company, believe it or not.

Over time we wanted to stop reinventing the intranet-wheel and start to make things faster and smarter – and the most important of all: make our customers life easier. That was a year 2011 and the moment when the first Valo baby was born. Current Valo Intranet is the third generation of the product.

We want an intranet to be an easy to use, fast to deploy, and beautiful to look at. That’s all that matters.

Nowadays, Valo Intranet includes all the best practices we have gathered during these past years. And you will get your new intranet solution cost-effectively in days instead of months.


Let’s refresh our memory a bit more. It was last August 2015 – a little over one year ago – when we started our ‘Valo goes abroad’ journey with our dedicated Valo Team. This has been a remarkable year and memorable adventure for all of us. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, but on the other hand we have took so many huge steps during this time.

Keep on sharing the Valo love

Today, we have countless reasons to be happy. Here are a few:

  • More than 300,000 happy Valo users
  • 150+ lovely Valo customers worldwide
  • 40 awesome Valo Partners with 5 highly skilled MVPs
  • The most international intranet product with 24 different countries
  • 30 SharePoint and Office 365 events and conferences behind, and more to come
  • 13 shiny Valo Team members and 90 more Office 365 and SharePoint enthusiasts at Blue Meteorite
  • Blue Meteorite, the company behind Valo Intranet, named as Microsoft’s Partner of the Year 2016 for Finland
  • Last but not least: Valo is the Best Intranet Solution in all of Europe!


This is only the beginning of our story with you. Let’s make more shiny chapters and legendary memories!

Love & happiness,
Valo Team

Psst. Did you know that the name Valo means ‘light’ in Finnish? Let the sunshine into your business! :)

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