Valo Marketing Master 2019: Amplexor

Valo Award Winner Amplexor

Announcing Valo Marketing Master 2019: Amplexor is showing extreme commitment to marketing Valo, making it the core of their digital workplace!

Valo Marketing Master of the Year has achieved amazing results from their Valo marketing efforts and delivered impressive, attractive and influential Valo Intranet marketing campaigns and promotions to reach new Valo Intranet customers.

Amplexor, a Valo Partner from Belgium and Luxembourg, has only been a Valo partner for a short time but has shown amazing marketing efforts since day one, making Valo the core of their digital workplace business!

These efforts include:

  • customized signage for Valo, banners, roll-ups.. and full-blown co-branding!
  • presence in digital and physical environment including social media and events
  • great number of articles around the topic in not only one but in 10 languages
Valo Marketing Master 2019 Winner: Amplexor
Valo Marketing Master 2019 Winner: Amplexor

What does Team Amplexor think about the winning? See the video!

Congratulations to Amplexor!


Now in its third year, Valo Partner Awards recognize the contributions and success of our partners who have shown special dedication to working with us. Valo Partner Awards, which shine a light on our partnerships, are awarded in five categories including Valo Partner of the Year, Customization of the Year, Valo Marketing Master of the Year, Customer Success Story of the Year, Contributor Hero of the Year. All awards, except for the Contributor Hero, are distributed based on Partner’s submissions.


First Valo Partner Awards were handed in 2017 at the first Valo Summit. Since then, we have awarded 20 awards to our dedicated partners. See the full list of winners from



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