Valo Marketing Master of the Year 2018: Xylos

valo marketing master of the year 2018 winner xylos

Having a great product and services is only a part of the story;  people also need to find you! Valo Marketing Master of the Year 2018 Xylos has received amazing results from their Valo marketing efforts. Xylos has delivered impressive, attractive and influential Valo Intranet marketing campaigns and promotions to reach new Valo Intranet customers

Just to mention one success story, on a yearly basis, Xylos, Valo Partner from Belgium, organizes a customer event, Xylos Inspire. Valo was featured in the event with own booth. As a result, their well-organized customer events with great marketing efforts have resulted in multiple successful Valo deals!

Valo Marketing Master 2018 Xylos

It’s not only one event Xylos masters, they are also

  •  branding successfully Valo demos to customer look-and-feel every time when showcasing Valo to the potential customers
  • very active in social media, creating buzz and showing tons of #ValoLove every day


Valo Marketing Master of the Year 2018 - Xylos

This award means a lot, we made various efforts and have done different actions to promote Valo through our marketing channels. We really notice the traction it has created. It’s great to be recognized in this way. Valo makes it easy for us though, marketing and selling materials are easily accessible, communications are ready-made, they’re always ready to help or brainstorm with us and Valo works on brand awareness through social and content creation too.

Steven De Rouck, Solution Sales

Valo team congratulates Xylos for the job well done!


Valo Partner Awards recognizes the contributions and success of our partners and shine the light on partnerships, who have shown special dedication to working with us. Valo Partner Awards are awarded in five categories including Valo Partner of the Year, Customization of the Year, Valo Marketing Master of the Year, Customer Success Stoy of the Year, Contributor Hero of the Year. All awards, except for the Contributor Hero, are distributed based on Partner’s submissions. 

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