Valo Mobile Intranet App wins the Best Mobile Solution for SharePoint Award in 2018!

Valo’s native Mobile Intranet App for iPhone and Android was selected as the Best Mobile Solution during the European SharePoint Community Awards!

Last year, we were among the top finalists in the same category and now, after introducing the latest and greatest version of the Valo Mobile App this September, we won! And we couldn’t be happier!

ESPC18-Awards Valo- The Best Mobile Solution

After launching Valo Intranet a few years back, we instantly started to receive multiple requests for a native intranet mobile app. With excitement, we answered the demand, involved end-users and UI designers and started designing a native app for Valo Intranet users.

Use Valo Intranet on native mobile app

Since the launch, our customers, and partners have been excited about the possibility to finally have their intranet in their pockets.

Whether you are an office worker visiting customers frequently, or a field worker without proper access to a desktop computer, with the mobile app everyone inside your organisation finally has an equal opportunity to read the news and follow what is going on inside your organization.

Valo wins the best Mobile App Award in ESPC18
Valo Team celebrating the win at ESPC18.

It is important to have a usable, and up-to-date version of your information channel in your employees’ pocket. Users want to feel at home while using their productivity tools. Offering an application with your company’s branding and look & feel also drives end-user adoption. The ability to view your news when offline, receive notification from your intranet and quick access to your favorite intranet links makes using your Valo Intranet possible where ever you are. Win-win for everyone!

During this year, we have been excited to bring such amazing new features to our Valo Intranet mobile app. To view the company news on a phone or a tablet with beautiful images and videos streamed from O365 Video service takes the app to a whole new level!

Tomi Tavela, Tech Lead, Valo

Valo Mobile app is not only easy to use –  IT departments love the App because it is secure and has familiar Office 365 architecture. The users are authenticated with their company AD accounts. Also, Office 365 multi-factor authentication is supported.

More and more people consume their information from a mobile device. That is why we keep developing the mobile app continuously and are extremely happy the work has paid off!

Take a sneak peek what else happened at ESPC 2018!

In 2022, our Mobile Solution Strategy is changing

From May 2022, our mobile experience will change. As a committed Microsoft Partner, we plan to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft’s Viva Connections App and look at ways of offering M365 customers the Staffbase Employee App.

With a new offering for the mobile experience, we will start the depreciation process for the existing Valo Mobile apps: Valo Digital Workplace application and Valo Mobile App for the classic SharePoint.

This means there will not be any new mobile feature releases, but we will continue supporting these products until end of 2023.


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