Valo Partner Award Winners Announced for NA 2020

Valo Partner Award Winners 2020

With all the incredible effort and dedication our partners put into Valo on a global scale, it only made sense that this year we award our partners based on regions of North America, EMEA, and APAC.

We are so proud of all our partners and for their continuous collaboration to strive forward. With the results in, we are excited to announce this year’s NA winners for the following categories: Partner of the Year, Customization of the Year, Customer Success Story, Marketing Master and Contributor of the Year. 

The Winners Are…

Valo Partner & Valo Customization of the Year 2020 NA Winner: Catapult Systems

Catapult Systems from Texas, US have nothing less than a love story with Valo. They have been Premium Partners since December but only signed on with Valo in June of 2019. Which makes it surreal when we get to announce that they have won not only one award but two!  

The first being the Valo Partner of the Year NA award, which emphasizes on achieving great sales, customer satisfaction, and overall commitment.  

Partner of the Year Contributions: 

  • Reached Valo Premium Partner status after only a few months of being a Valo Partner  
  • Closed deals with 11 different customers in a short timeframe of 5 months 
  • Showed exceptional team spirit and responsiveness with our whole team 

They also won the Valo Customization of the Year NA award which is based on outshining their customizations of Valo Intranet revolved around their customer’s needs.  

Customization of the Year Contributions with Customer Sparklight: 

  • The customization was done for their first customer case which shows adaptability towards a new product and its extensibility. 
  • They used “Our Links” feature to contain a link to their customization page, which in turn populates “My Links”. A unique way that shows they have a pretty solid understanding of each Valo component. 
  • Integrating with the native Valo 

We always root for our rookies but Catapult did you guys ever surprise us with your great achievements within the last year! Amazing job! 

Valo Customer Success Story 2020 NA Winner: Creospark

This award recognizes outstanding achievement to deliver world-class customer experience and Creospark from Ontario, Canada has achieved all that and more with launching Choice Properties REIT’s IntranetCollaborating with us since 2018, they are currently only Valo Premium Partner located in Canada. With customer success stories such as this one, it’s no wonder why the gained such great success.

Our judges were impressed with the following: 

  • A very impressive customer success story, customization is amazing by creating a scavenger hunt within the Intranet for Choice Properties REIT employees to get familiar with it in a creative manner. 
  • Go above and beyond when it comes to the details 
  • Great collaboration and synergy between Valo 

Well done Creospark, your thinking outside the box is simply amazing and we can’t wait for all the innovative ways you come up with next! 

Valo Marketing Master Master 2020 NA Winner: Klarinet Solutions

Klarinet Solutions from California, US is no stranger when it comes to Valo. Our Premium Partner has been with us since 2016 and continues to strive and lead as great examples through all their previous accomplishments. They achieved the Valo Partner of the Year award back in 2017, Valo Customer Success Story in 2018, and Matt Fishman, the Lead Architect and Managing Partner from Klarinet Solutions, was named as Valo Contributor Hero of the Year 2017. Their marketing centers around the heart of Valo and through it have achieved amazing results.  

They apply these efforts in the following ways: 

  • Use different marketing channels and different ways to showcase Valo experts and promote Valo products (blogs, socials, newsletters, events, and others) 
  • Organizing an Expert Panel Event with one of Valo’s MVP 
  • Use Valo’s hashtags in their social media and decoratKlarinet’s offices with the Valo Spirit 

Dedication always leads the way and you Klarinet sure know how to demonstrate a beautiful example of #ValoLove. Well done, we can’t wait to see what the future brings! 

Valo Contributor of the Year 2020 NA Winner: Jack LaPan (Red Level)

Jack, from Red Level Michigan US, is someone who has strong perseverance. With the company going through many changes in the last year, including switching its name from C/D/H (Valo Partner of the Year NA winners in 2019) to Red Level; Jack, our Premium Partner, shows determination by continuously spreading #ValoLove and promoting our products. 

It’s an award that is given to a person who has had a big impact on Valo products and community, and we can’t think of anyone where deserves it more than Jack LaPan!

Besides that 

  • He is a very patient educator of his customers, ensuring they understand the true value of the solution before they commit to it.  
  • He keeps sharing tips with all other NA Partners, and always providing great feedback to make Valo better!  
  • Hcontinuously comes up with new marketing initiatives with his team to grow Valo and our partnership 

Jack is always kind and authentic. Always willing to teach and help not only the Valo Team but other partners as well. That makes him a class act on its own and we can’t help but to #ValoLove him!  

Congratulations to all winners!

We thank all of our new and veteran Valo Partners in NA for all their hard work as we continue to grow rapidly globally! You are all #ValoWinners. Keep up the amazing work! And who knows? We might see your company nominated next!


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