Drumroll please…The Valo Partner Award Winners for AMERICAS 2021 are announced!

The last year had its challenges but that didn’t stop our Valo Partners from thriving and getting creative when it came to their business with Valo. With all the additional effort that took place in the last year, it’s with extra gratitude that we honor our Valo Partners that went the extra mile and showed commitment.

Many of our partners in AMERICAS showed much dedication and excelled in many ways. With the results in, we are excited to announce this year’s AMERICAS winners for the following categories: Partner of the Year, Customization of the Year, Customer Success Story, Marketing Master and Contributor of the Year. 

The Winners Are…

Valo Partner Of The Year 2021 2021 Americas Catapult SystemsValo Contributor Hero Americas 2021 Nick Brown

Valo Partner of the Year 2021 AMERICAS Winner: Catapult Systems & Valo Contributor of the Year 2021 AMERICAS Winner: Nick Brown (Catapult Systems)

Ladies and gentleman, Catapult Systems from Texas, US has done it again! For a second consecutive year, this Premium Partner has outdone themselves once more by winning this special award that shows their loyalty to Valo.

They stood out by contributing in the following ways in the past year:

  • Provided constant quality delivery and innovative approaches.   
  • Continued providing Valo with amazing new customer opportunities. 
  • Provided exceptional ongoing support/maintenance services to their existing customers.
  • Consistent high performer not only in sales but in their close and tight working relationship with the Valo Team.

A very honorary award goes to Nick Brown from Catapult Systems who is the Valo Contributor of the Year 2021 AMERICAS Winner

An award that is given to a person who has had a big impact on Valo products and community, we couldn’t think of someone more deserving than Nick Brown. From Valo Premium Partner Catapult Systems, Texas, US, Nick Brown has always strived to keep influencing the Valo product quality and improve the delivery model. For the past year(s), it has been an honor to work with him and his team, and to witness all they do in order to succeed with Valo customers. We can’t help but to #ValoLove him and the whole team!

What else…

  • Nick is always engaged and present in Valo events both in person and online and sharing all the information and updates amongst his Catapult Team.
  • Uses all the latest information while driving technical sales of all Valo solutions by proofing the customer fit. He also challenges Valo constructively in our ways of working to improve the products and partnership even more.
  • Works closely with the Valo support team inviting them to meet the Catapult team and ensuring their needs come first.

Our #ValoLove story with Catapult keeps growing stronger every year and it’s here to stay. Incredible achievements and dedication, a true Valo Premium Partner example considering the contributor hero award winner goes to your team member as well.

Valo Customer Success Story Americas 2021 CreosparkValo Customization Americas 2021 Creospark

Valo Customer Success Story & Valo Customization 2021 AMERICAS Winner: Creospark

Two must be a lucky number this year as Creospark is no stranger to delivering incredible customer success stories, as they have won last year’s award as well. This award recognizes outstanding achievement to deliver world-class customer experience and Creospark from Ontario, Canada nailed it again this time by implementing Aleron’s Intranet. Since having done the switch to Valo, the company’s internal survey revealed that 91% of its employees said they did not miss anything about their previous platform once Aleron’s switched to Valo.
Being the only Valo Premium Partner located in the country, these kind natured Canadians live up to the stereotype and it shows in the way they collaborate with their clients and in their continuous customer success stories.

Our judges were impressed with the following: 

  • The customer story shows the best of Valo Intranet; how intranet supports the feeling of belongingness and decentralising the content creation from HR / Comms / Marketing to anyone – in this case the legal and accounting departments.
  • A very impressive customer success story, Creospark nailed it by describing the case in a very detailed and engaging manner. It is clear that Creospark’s team works very closely with the client and goes hand in hand for the success. 
  • Creospark is investing actively in their customers and always looking for opportunities to improve the customer experience with Valo.

Creospark also won the Valo Customization of the Year AMERICAS award! 

Customization of the Year contributions and highlights:

  • Creospark created an elegant and innovative solution to a relatable problem which can and probably will need to be recreated in other companies in the future.
  • They showed how a partner can take an existing product like the one Valo provides to the next level by understanding our platform and allowing them to create value for their customer all the while integrating with the native Valo. 
  • Used their own webparts to enhance the content management/governance on the intranet.

Well done Creospark! Never cease to impress us with all the attention to details and extra mile you all take to awe both your customers and the Valo Team.

Valo Marketing Master Americas 2021 Arkano

Valo Marketing Master 2021 AMERICAS Winner: Arkano

A little further south, our Valo Partners in South America are bringing in the heat. If you haven’t heard about Arkano, then you definitely will once you get a glimpse of their beautiful work when it comes to their digital marketing.
Located in Uruguay, these Valo Partners have only been with us since last year but since day one they have grasped the concept of co-marketing with Valo by showcasing it in many innovative ways starting with their website.
Arkano not only shines with their marketing Valo material within the Latin community but leaves a lasting impression on a global scale.

Arkano applies these efforts in the following ways: 

  • They understand all of Valo core offerings and bring it to life with applicable sales material. The overall need of digital tools is nicely backed up with accurate survey data.
  • They’ve grasped the idea that localizing and co-branding our marketing materials will help them create awareness. By using Valo’s co-marketing budget for their campains, everybody wins. Valo is amazed with Arkano’s internal discipline, their professionalism, and their fun attitude.
  • Their socials and website are bursting with  #ValoLove, showing dedication, creativity, and are well aligned with Valo messaging.

True pioneers in general but especially in the LATAM area, where they are making waves and bringing the Valo brand to life. We look forward to a growing business with this amazing partner! Vamo arriba Arkano!

Congratulations to all winners! You have done an incredible job!

Although we cannot award everyone, you are all Valo Rockstars 🌟. We thank you for all of your continuous efforts in growing the Valo Business and keeping close ties with the #ValoTeam both online and in person. Keep up the amazing work, we hope to see your name up in next years winning categories.Till then, much #ValoLove to you all!


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