And The Valo Partner APAC Awards Winners For 2021 Are…

Tada-dada-DA! It’s award time and this year, we’ve got a whole lot of #Valolove to share! So after a rollercoaster year of lockdowns, lockouts and lucky breaks, please raise your glasses to celebrate some of the brightest APAC stars from our Valo Partner network!

We are pleased to announce the award applications we received this year demonstrated a high level of excellence, ingenuity, adaptivity, spirit and innovation. All our applicants showed genuine resourcefulness to be able to showcase so many triumphs even in the most difficult years of our generation. But the votes for Valo APAC Partner of the Year, Customer Success Story, Marketing Master, Customization, and Contributor of the Year for 2021 are finally tallied up
And The APAC Valo Winners Are…

Valo APAC Partner of the Year Award 2021

The Valo APAC Partner of the Year 2021 Award goes to…. Digital First!

Congratulations Digital First! For the second year running, Digital First have hard-won our most prized APAC Partner of the Year Award! Although they only joined our partner network in 2020, their team is fast making a name for themselves in the Lands Down Under as resilient, innovative, and proactive – nothing keeps these guys down!

Based in Melbourne, Digital First have managed to expand their offerings to become one of the most well-known and well-loved Valo partners in the region: Their implementations can be found in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, telecommunications, legal firms, charitable organizations and more. And as their case studies attest, their customers can’t sing their praises enough!

From outreach, to implementation, to follow through, Digital First really epitomize the Valo Partner spirit and the never-give-up energy we love to see in our partner network: And that’s why they’ve been nominated Valo APAC Partner of the Year – again!

Congratulations Digital First – we #Valolove working with you and look forward to seeing you grow from strength to strength!

Valo APAC Customer Success Story of the Year 2021

The Valo APAC Customer Success Story Winner for 2021 is … Nexon Asia Pacific!

Here in APAC it’s no secret we have a whole lot of love for our Nexon Asia Pacific partners. And no wonder: their automated extranet access for CivicRisk Mutual is just one of their many exemplary Valo implementations in 2021.

This particular example truly showcases their high level of commitment to excellence and to continued customer support: CivicRisk Mutual were not just the first pioneers of Valo Entrance, but Nexon also implemented Valo Intranet and Fresh for them as well. Although CivicRisk Mutual are a relatively small organization, they provide services to over 20 local council areas. So enabling easy access management with high security for external users was crucial for their organization. And CivicRisk Mutual are extremely happy with the time and manual efforts these solutions have saved them.

Over the past year, Nexon have also provided CivicRisk Mutual with excellent support and follow up strategic consultations, reports and insights. These extra efforts have ensured the installations’ current and future success as well as the customer’s complete satisfaction. In fact, Nexon’s efforts have been so well appreciated that CivicRisk Mutual are now eager to expand their current platform, add Valo Teamwork to their offerings and even provide glowing references to other prospective clients.

Congratulations Nexon Asia Pacific on your fantastic implementation, your exemplary follow up support and on going the extra mile to ensure the people at CivicRisk Mutual are extremely happy with their Valo implementations!

Valo APAC Marketing of the Year Award 2021

Valo APAC Marketing Master Award for 2021 goes to… Digital First!

Congratulations once again Digital First! It’s been a hard year for everyone, but Digital First have continued to put the hard yards in to ensure their marketing success: they’ve pivoted their omni-channel approach with intelligence and agility to match the volatile situation and market in Australia this year.

From paid and organic advertising campaigns to website improvements, from webinars to customer success stories to email campaigns; Digital First have jumped far outside the box to develop new marketing opportunities where many others have given up. Your spirit, resilience and ability to expand your reach and customer base, especially during this rollercoaster year, has been truly applaudable!

Great work Digital First and we look forward to a “brand new” year of co-marketing success in 2022!

Valo APAC Customization of the Year Award 2021

The Valo APAC Customization Award for 2021 goes to…. SharePoint Gurus!

SharePoint Gurus have done it again – there was plenty of tough competition, but this year their work for Uniting was truly seamless and showcased many of the values that Valo holds dear: top quality implementation and excellent follow-up support. And, of course, SharePoint Guru’s innovative Valo Intranet customization matched the target organization’s requirements perfectly.

The employees at Uniting report that they really appreciate how much value and focus the implementation has added to their workday and the global navigation and people search customizations, in particular, have addressed their unique pain points.

Well done SharePoint Gurus – you’ve earned our Valo APAC Customization Award, but you’ve also earned yourselves a brand new nickname: the ‘APAC Customization Gurus!’

And finally…

Valo APAC Contributor of the Year Award 2021

Valo APAC Contributor Hero Award for 2021 goes to… Danny Lim from Dnetics!

Danny Lim from Dnetics in Singapore joined our APAC Partner Network just a short few months ago, but his can-do spirit, intelligent approach, commitment and integrity are exemplary!

In that short time Danny has already modified his entire website to showcase his Valo-related services, run an exceptional, personalized promotional email and social media campaign, reached out to collaborate and consult with a number of other Valo partners in our network, built and co-hosted his first successful Valo Webinar and even engaged a number of potential new clients.

Danny is proactive and stands by his word: If Danny says it will be done, then it will be done and with style!

Congratulations Danny – you have already contributed a whole lot of great energy to our APAC partner network and we look forward to many years of collaboration and co-innovation ahead!

Well Done To All Our Valo APAC Winners!

It’s been a tough year, but you’ve all done exceptional work and really shared the #Valolove! We are proud to be your partners and look forward to expanding our joint reach and success across the APAC region in the years to come. We hope you all have an amazing Summer and come back refreshed and ready to keep up the good work in 2022!


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