Valo Partner Survey Results – Valo is a well-valued companion!

Valo with LUX UI the crowds favorite

Valo is a great choice when you are considering a partnership with ready-to-go intranet solution provider in SharePoint and Office 365 environments. This is not just us talking, this is the result of almost 90 Valo Partners that took part to our Valo Partner Survey 2017!

Almost 90 people took their chance to tell their opinion about our partnership together. Net Promoter Score, NPS, measures the health of customer experience. In NPS the scores are divided into three categories; detractors have given score from 0-6, passives 7-8 and Promoters 9-10. NPS is calculated by detracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters.

With whopping NPS score of 57, we were overwhelmed with the amazing feedback received from our partners! As the scale does not start from the safe zero, no, but from -100, going all the way to 100, it really makes our score remarkable.

Valo offers a Good technological foundation, excellent partner model & contacts and customer satisfaction
Xylos value Valo for many reasons.

We have worked hard to create a warm, easy-to-approach feeling for our Partner Network. The work has paid off, as “love” and “awesome” are among the most used words when partners got free word to tell what they like about Valo.

Valo Partner Survey word cloud
If you take off all the product related words, love and awesome are among the most used words.

But now, let’s stop the pep talk and let the figures speak!

Dear partner, how would you rate Valo Intranet?

After NPS, which creates only an overall image of our success, we asked our partners to rate us in nine core categories we believe are the most important success makers for us in the business. These topics are, sorted as the descending order based on the score:

  • Partner Support
  • Co operation with Valo Team
  • Marketing
  • Extensibility
  • Product Features
  • Technical Architecture
  • Partner Program
  • User Interface
  • Price / Quality Ratio

The best weighted average score (“I don’t know” option is left out from the results) is Partner Support with 4,63  whereas the lowest average is Price / Quality Ratio with 4,31. Everything else falls within that 0,31 margin. Wow.

Valo Partner Survey results 2017
Valo Partner Survey Results. The number represents the amount of given grade from the 83 responses.

This means that, according our partners, overall we are worth of 4,5 stars!

That makes us humble and we do our best to keep up that good rate in the future as well.

But it’s not all just sunshine and rainbows

Now we come to the best part. How could you ever progress if you don’t hear the critique? The survey wouldn’t be valuable for us if issues wouldn’t be brought out honestly. That’s why we allowed a possibility to leave an anonymous reply – yet only two actually did! We hope this tells something about our way to openly communicate with our partners.

Love it, it allows us as partners to concentrate our effort into driving additional value such as governance and process automation.
Valo Partner Pythagoras value Valo as it allows them to concentrate their effort to drive additional value.

One of the biggest issues, as expected, comes to the price tag. Even though we were recently awarded the Intranet Choice – Value  2018 award by ClearBox, we did hear our partners on this and made adjustments for the prices and new Pricing model will be effective from April 2018. This will be a huge benefit especially for the small and middle-sized companies as we took the Price Tier 1 up from 100 to 250 users!

Another request is the ever-growing demand for fabulous User Interfaces (UI). Even though Valo UI’s are one of our strengths, refinements and up-to-date-designs are eagerly anticipated. And yes, as you already know, new Candela is just around the corner to fulfill these needs. And it’s going to be – wait for it – awesome!

Valo User Interface Candela
Sneak-peek to brand new Valo Candela UI.

Valo mobile is also under renewal and Valo development team is investing a lot of time and energy towards the mobile app. Within the upcoming months, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of this development.

We got loads of great improvement ideas for Valo products from both customers and partners, which we are now chewing on. Some of them are already on the roadmap!

Jarmo Kuusinen, Product Program Manager, Valo

Some feedback concerned about the communication and documentation, and we are now working to improve these and make the processes even more transparent. This means more webinars, instructions for installation and deployment, extensive Valo Videos section in the partner extranet…

And last, but not least. Good news for the Modern SharePoint users – Valo Modern will be out soon!

See why 2toLead from Canada chose to become a Valo Partner.



Valo Partner Survey was conducted at the end of 2017. From +120 partner companies, we received responses from 55 partners all around the globe, from newbies to those who have been there with us since the beginning making the survey a great demographic overview.

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