Valo Ranks Once Again Among World’s Top 50 Microsoft Partners with their Digital Marketing

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#ValoWow! We did it, once again! Valo is ranked among the “Top 50 Microsoft Partners” in the world. The list is compiled by Fifty Five and Five and based on the quality of companies’ digital and content marketing across web, blog, and social channels. We are delighted to say that once again we found ourselves featured in the list! Our thanks go to all of you, dear Valo customers, partners, and friends!

For several years now Fifty Five and Five have been publishing an annual Microsoft Partner Top 50 Report. Last year we made the Top 20 in their Digital Marketing Excellence Report. Yet again we made it to the list of top-performing Microsoft Partners based on their digital and content marketing ranked by Fifty Five and Five and its experts.

This time they made a bigger transformation; stepping from a paper book into a digital tool. Meaning from now on, the list is online, updated on regular basis and you can follow it on the Top 50 site which is showcasing industry leaders and the fantastic work that is going on in the Microsoft realm.

How Valo scores

The Top 50 live listing shows generated and analyzed data regarding digital and content marketing based on 42 different tests assessing the quality of content, the engagement with that content, as well as SEO and technical signals. Scores are updated every week.

Valo are the type of company that wouldn’t survive without a quality content marketing strategy. Luckily for them, and for their audience, they have one. They combine a great personality with real value to make us all fall a little bit in love with their brand.

The dynamic shortlist is created by metrics that are based on 1) Blogging (including frequency, clarity, quality), 2) Website (including speed, structure, SEO), and 3) Social (including reach, output, engagement). A given score out of 100 comes in four separate categories:

  • Content: How well the company’s content is written across all channels? How easy it is to understand and consume?
  • Engagement: How engaging are the company’s channels? How shared/liked/commented on social media?
  • SEO: How effective is the company’s SEO strategy on its website and blog?
  • Technology: Are the company’s website and blog technically sound? Quick to load and free from errors?

When the Top 50 site was launched in October 2020, we were ranked as 21st! At the moment, our ranking and scores look like this (and we couldn’t be more #ValoProud of it!):

Valo Digital Marketing

A toast to #ValoLove

Sometimes other people might just see the tip of the iceberg but success is much more than that. It’s more about the journey – the key drivers, meaningful people we met, learning as we go, rather than the destination that has no easy road, shortcuts, or some magical silver bullet.

What is our secret #ValoSauce? Persistence. Hard work. Dedication. Always lead and guided by passion. Bunch of sweat, virtual hugs, and laughs. Most of all, #ValoLove each other.

These are the words that describe our daily #ValoLife in the world-class Marketing Team and all of the amazing support we get from the global Valo Team and the lovely community around us.

The digital marketing world is dynamic, ever-changing, and challenging. Sometimes the most difficult part is to stop for a moment. Take a breath and be in the moment to reflect your goodness; have a toast and think about the great achievements so far! Let’s cheers to a never ever ending #ValoLove story!

Our promise is to be with you

Our brand promise is

  • creating lovable workday experiences for our customers and
  • always be walking hand in hand together with our partners

It is always very delightful to see when hard work really pays off. Someday it might be winning a new award. Another day it’s a simply “thank you for helping me” from a workmate that feels very precious, a small thing that makes your day better in a big way.

One reason for a smile on a face is when you see a new case study is published and more digital workplace lovers are out there or when somebody spreading the love of #ValoSwag around on socials. These put us in a very good mood!

To find out where you are ranking now, browse to the top 50 Microsoft Partners site. Thanks again, Fifty Five and Five, for putting this together.


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