Intranet study: Valo Intranet rated high in mobile use

Valo Intranet – named the Best Intranet / Extranet Solution in Europe by the European SharePoint Community – was rated high in the SharePoint Intranet-In-a-Box Report in which UK based intranet consultancy Clearbox compared 26 different ready-to-go intranet products.

“Over the last 18 months there has been a dramatic shift in how organizations are approaching new intranets on SharePoint. Instead of partnering with development agency, they are looking for ready-made solutions than can be easily adapted and quickly deployed”, says Sam Marshall from ClearBox Consulting.

In the report Valo Intranet performed really well in multiple scenarios. Especially ClearBox praises Valo’s mobile access. Mobile access to important information and tools is essential in the modern digital work so we are happy that our investments in the responsive design and the native Mobile App for Android and iPhone are valued high.

Valo Intranet makes it possible to have a good-looking and easy to use SharePoint intranet in a short amount of time

– SharePoint Intranet-In-a-Box Report, ClearBox Consulting

Last week Valo Intranet, a Ready-to-go Modern Intranet on Office 365 and SharePoint, was awarded the Best Intranet / Extranet Solution Award by the European SharePoint Community.

250 page report can be purchased for $495 from ClearBox:

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