Valo stood out yet again in the “SharePoint intranets in-a-box” report by ClearBox Consulting

Every year ClearBox Consulting publishes a high-quality review, a buyer’s guide, SharePoint intranets in-a-box products in the market. In their latest 5.4 version, launched just this November 2020, we held on to the “Intranet Choice” -badges in Europe and North America we received early this year and were given great scores for our Valo Intranet product!

The report always provides helpful ways to use it as a buyer’s guide, gives market trends for the industry and speaks out their wishes on what they’d like to see more of. Since the latest version in fall 2019, they’ve now rescored, re-written and introduced 34 of the 55 reviews including ours! In the report, 32 products are fully reviewed and a shortlisting of an additional 23 products are included.

This year they’ve updated their review of SharePoint Online, taking into account recent Microsoft announcements and software updates. There is also a new section full of reviews called “delivered roadmaps”. This gives the vendors the opportunity to list the features that have been announced since the last demo to ClearBox and you know what, we went all out with this one!

Still the best intranet in Europe and North America

Earlier this year our Valo Intranet won the “SharePoint Intranet Choices 2020” award badges “Intranet Choice – North America 2020” and “Intranet Choice – Europe 2020”. This report highlighted this fact and continued the tradition of winning these awards; in 2018 and 2019, we have won the “Intranet Choice – Value” award. In other words, Valo Intranet is the best value for money out of the reviewed solutions. This is a recognition we highly value and can be proud of!

Valo Intranet Clearbox report Intranet Choice 2020 Europe North America SharePoint intranets in-a-box

The ClearBox Consulting report marked as our key benefits the content publishing experience, support for multiple languages with automatic translation, our “lightsaber” that is a powerful theming tool, Microsoft Teams integration opportunities and a wide network of implementation partners available.

This achievement is a logical consequence of the hard work our team has put in during the last years, and the expertise we’ve gathered. We’ve been building digital workplaces in the Microsoft ecosystem for almost 20 years now. And since 2015, we’ve developed and executed a product business with a global strategy, always improving the products and building the partner network.

Success rarely happens overnight. It is a result of perseverance, hard work – and maybe some luck, too. We are more than happy with this report and are eager to grow as a company adding up to our product offering!

Did you know that the current version of Valo Intranet is internally called Valo 4? This is because it is already the fourth generation of the popular intranet-in-a-box product. We’ve been building this current Valo 4, or Valo Modern, during the last 2,5 years now, consistently ironing out any issues, listening to our Valo Partners and customers, adding the most popular features into the mix. Our team has had so much fun during this ride!

To see in detail our benefits and direct you on how to buy SharePoint intranets in-a-box, ClearBox Report v5.4 is now available and can be bought from ClearBox with instant download.

ClearBox Report v5.4 SharePoint intranets in-a-box

What’s next

The Valo team is in constant dialogue with its end-users and partners, tirelessly keeping the product in a good shape and improving its feature set. Stay tuned for release 1.8 on the Valo Intranet (“Valo Modern” as we internally call it). We are improving the events feature, blogging, people finding capabilities, the content editor’s experience, and a lot more!

Valo Intranet is also being successfully used for extranet purposes by many of our clients, such as Special Olympics Canada.

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