Valo Summit Tour 2019 – Several Days of #ValoLove in Multiple Continents

Valo Summit Tour 2019

Wow, that was a world tour! The Valo Summit Tour 2019 in three continents: Europe, APAC, and North America, with over 170 Valo lovers. The power of the growing Valo Community is incredible and the spirit is almost impossible to describe. Just one word: We #ValoLove you all! 

This year, 2019, we wanted to expand our Valo Summit concept and decided to make it a tour including three continents. That was a challenge but also a great decision for sure! The Summit Tour 2019 was all we hoped and much more!

The Valo Partner Community at its best: Almost 100 Valo Partners including over 170 Valo Lovers coming together in Amsterdam, Sydney, and San Diego.

Valo Summit Tour 2019 in a nutshell

  • Touring in 3 continents: Europe, APAC, and North America
  • Close to 100 Valo Partners with altogether over 170 Valo lovers
  • Presentations by the world-famous guest speakers and influencers Joanne C. Klein, Janus Boye, James Robertson, and Susan Hanley
  • Tens of MVPs and top SharePoint and Office 365 experts sharing their knowledge
  • Both business and tech professionals collaborating and learning
  • Insightful sessions about product development, sales, marketing, and support, and panel discussions of digital workplace trends, best practices, Q&As, networking, and speed dates with the Valo Team
  • Celebrating the achievements of our amazing partners and their customers; announcing the Valo Partner Awards Winners for 2019 and rewarding the latest Valo Premium Partners for getting to a new level in our Valo Partner Program
  • Countless #ValoJump moments, crazy fun photos, and mugs filled with coffee
  • #ValoCheers to many more years while brewing intranets even sweeter with Valo Classic and stronger with Valo Modern

Watch the awesome Valo Summit Vibes videos from Amsterdam, Sydney, and San Diego.


Some heartwarming feedback from our Valo Partners

We always listen to our partners’ experience to keep improving our partnership and cooperation. That’s why after every and each of #ValoSummit, we asked to give us feedback to make the next year’s Summits even better together. Some nice thoughts and words following by our Valo partners:

“Valo takes care of their partners better than any other company”

“In this event, I got the feeling that I belong to something, that I’m not alone with my questions and concerns”

Thanks again for hosting the summit. It was a great opportunity for our team share the Valo experience. Also thank you for your continued support over the years! Looking forward to another successful year with our partnership!

A Valo Partner at Valo Summit Tour 2019 

“I wanted to thank the whole Valo team for a great summit. You were great hosts, and it was awesome to get to know you and your company better.  Excited going forward, with lots of plans for Valo with our existing and prospective clients.”

“Just wanted to give quick feedback about the outstanding work you and your guys did at the summit. Valo Marketing is literally the best I’ve ever known. Kudos to the whole team!”

I would recommend Valo Summit to other Valo Partners because it’s a good opportunity to connect with Valo and meeting other partners. Sharing experiences and perspectives are valuable in your own journey.

Valo Partner at Valo Summit Tour 2019 

“A cool team, partners, products, vision,..  also a great opportunity to find out how other partners are selling Valo and to understand the roadmap.”

Valo Summit Tour 2019

“Thanks for a great few days! The summit was very well executed and we found it valuable from both a business and a technology perspective. I hope to be able to join you again next year!”

“#ValoSummit was very instructive, nice to meet other partners and the people behind Valo. And a good place to have quick meetings.”

You’re the best.. Hugs! #ValoLove!

A Valo Partner at Valo Summit Tour 2019 


Oh wow, we feel humbled. Wrapping up our feelings on behalf of the whole Valo Team: To all of our partners out there – thanks for being awesome. We’re incredibly happy to have you on board! ♥

Jumping for joy towards Valo Summit Tour 2020

We are extremely happy to announce our next year’s Valo Summit Tour 2020 locations:

  • Valo Summit Europe: San Sebastian, Spain
  • Valo Summit APAC: Sydney, Australia
  • Valo Summit NA: Miami, US

We will inform soon the dates, so stay tuned and get ready for another exciting and insightful #ValoSummit experience! Sending much #ValoLove to all of you!


To see what . the Valo Summit is all about, feel the vibes and see all the awarded Valo Partners, go to


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