Happy Birthday Valo Connect: One Employee Engagement Dashboard To Rule Them All!

In a flash, everything changed – Valo Connect was launched one year ago today and distance working will never be the same:

One employee engagement dashboard to rule them all.
One search bar to find them.
One easy place to bring them all
And in the light to bind them.

Okay, so my inner Geek is grinning ear to ear, but if the shoe fits…

Valo Connect is designed to bring your workplace tools together into one app you already know and love: Microsoft Teams. That means you can see all your appointments, To Do lists, documents, people and even company updates in one click. One easy workstation that can be customised to consolidate the software tools you need to complete your unique workday easily, efficiently, and successfully. Plus Valo Connect also comes with a powerful search function to track down information, data, documents, forms, updates and people both within your company, and even out across the internet.

It’s no wonder Valo Connect has already sold over 100 customizable units around the world in less than one year! Plus with the addition of Valo Connect Me, the recently released Connect 2.0.2 Fastlane update, and a whole lot more innovative updates on the way, it’s easy to see why so many people #Valolove it!

We are improving productivity with Valo Connect 2.0, because our employees are not going from one application to another to grab the data they need. Everything is on one platform. They don’t need to search for it.

Ready, Set, Flow!

I personally love using Valo Connect. I start my day with a coffee and a quick overview of my Valo Connect Me screen. That’s where I can see my workday ahead: my meetings, events, any recent Teams messages I’m tagged in, company News and updates, recent documents, team project updates, and my personal favourite: my To Do list. It’s all there in one glance. Next I click on conversations widget to jump directly into the Teams conversations where people from other time zones have left me messages overnight.

Valo Connect Me is my own personalized intranet

And I’m off… my workday flows from there and doesn’t slow down. I can always find the document Annie shot across last week in the Connect Me ‘recent documents’ widget. It only takes a moment to email Kirsi (our HR team leader) my holiday request because I can always find the right form in the Valo Connect document search bar. Then I can find her direct email in the company people search bar. I only have a few minutes to complete my request between two back-to-back Teams meetings, but that’s all I need. Then I’m back into my workflow again.

Valo Connect makes my workday flow so much more easily and seamlessly. It really lets me forget figuring out the company tech and filing systems and concentrate on achieving my own work goals.    

Valo Connect … is especially helpful for our field members working remote from their iPads. With Valo Connect, they are able to locate all information quickly without having to toggle between multiple applications. It has been a revolutionary tool for our business!

Bringing People Together

But Valo Connect is so much more than just a great employee engagement dashboard. It’s ingeniously designed to engage, connect and bring distributed people together. I work remotely – not even in the same country as most of my teammates. Yet I can check out the latest company insider news and updates from anywhere in the world. I’m in the loop about the new company-wide initiatives. I’m signed up for our company’s online Halloween celebration. I know about our latest employee recruits even in other parts of the world. I can read about my colleagues and their accomplishments. I can see what’s new in our product developments. I can even create my own announcements in our company branded templates and send them out either to specific teams, locations or company-wide.

I feel connected to my work family with Valo Connect

In short: I’m connected. Valo Connect keeps me engaged and in stride with the rest of my work family. And keeps the Valo family in stride with me. I’m part of the team and even though I’m in a different time zone, I don’t feel siloed or isolated working from the other side of the planet.

People from leadership to admin have commented on how Valo Connect is easy and seamless to use.

My Own Personal Employee Engagement Dashboard

Valo Connect is a truly personalized employee engagement dashboard that helps me start and keep the flow all day long. One click on the “Links” widget and I’m in our company website. Another widget gives an overview of my schedule, or a third shows me any unread new emails. Even more exciting is that it’s so easy to configure, and reconfigure, to fit my personal needs. I prefer my task list at the top, but it only takes 2 clicks to put any important conversations I missed in that prime position.

Whenever I’m working, my Valo Connect is always open to help me find my way. Where was that document we discussed in last night’s meeting? It’s right there in the ‘shared documents’ widget. My computer updated and restarted overnight? No problem: a list of all the documents I’ve been working recently is right there in my accessed documents. I don’t need to hop out to see when my next meeting is, where the files are, what’s new in the company or what Annie thought of my project proposal. And if she didn’t like it, I can simply click straight through to the right chat to respond to her concerns.

The Connect Me dashboard is a real winner: it makes the entire intranet experience feel personal. Connect Me is what customers didn’t know they needed until they got it. Then they wonder how they managed without it before.

When I use Valo Connect

Anything lost can be easily found again. Everything and everyone I need to make my workday complete is there in one quick glance. Valo Connect makes my workday so much easier, more enjoyable, more engaged and more productive than ever before.  

For a more in depth case study on how Valo Connect can help your organization improve communication and collaboration, read our recent Case Study Therapy Pro: Valo Connect Puts The Intranet in Microsoft Teams for Improved Comms and Collaboration.


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