#ValoTeamCamp Aftermath: Over 50 Teammates Under the (Valo) Sun

ValoTeamCamp September 2019

What a week it truly was! Our yearly #ValoTeamCamp was this time in Barcelona. It was a success and there is no question about it, this was a trip which all of us will remember for years to come! 💛 

Our team of 50+ experienced and talented colleagues from over 20 nationalities, 10 different countries, 3 continents, speaking 19 different languages gathered together in the last full week of September 2019 to beautiful Barcelona, Spain!

We had three full days of strategic planning and fun, while the last two days were spent in Sitges, Spain to have remote working days under the sun! We were hard at work but didn’t forget the fun with #ValoJump moments either!

Our business thrives on the diversity of ideas created by a multicultural workforce. Valo’s multilingual team of experts speaks 19 different languages. That’s awesome!

ValoTeamCamp September 2019

Team Development Days

The start of the week from Monday to Wednesday consisted of getting to know each other since there were over 25 new team members since the last team days in November 2018. Wow!

Business updates and team building. On Monday we started the day with the history of Valo and going through the steps we had taken on this global journey so far. Touching moments and maybe little drops of happiness and joy rolled down on our cheeks too! Then were several ‘Whazzzzaaap Valo’ presentations by the leaders of different business areas and operations of the company telling what is going on and what is happening in the near future. Also many teammates shared great stories of their #ValoLife experience such as typical workdays, roles and responsibilities. This was really interesting since we hardly ever get to be together with all hands on deck!

Valo Product Family. On Tuesday we had intense workshops, roadmap planning, product discussions, and campfire sessions, where new ideas were born and an open mic welcoming everyone to share or ask whatever they wanted from anyone they wanted! On this day was also the night of the crazy fun #ValoParty with memorable #ValoDance and #ValoJump moments which we will definitely share with you later!

Working together and ideation. On Wednesday morning we had dedicated time with the team-specific agendas and their own goals. The whole Valo crew got together again in the afternoon to hear about HR news and topics, and the day was finalized with another campfire session.

To summarize everything and these amazing three days together, we had a vote on next year’s #ValoTeamCamp 2020 location, so stay tuned for that!

ValoTeamCamp September 2019

The event planning and organizing team had gone all out again with the overall #ValoLove feel of the venue, meeting rooms, swag, and team building activities. We even had a #ValoBingo with multiple rounds, name badges for everyone to get recognized by the new and old team members and an amazing #ValoFamily wall, where everyone could leave their heartwarming greetings to their colleagues! Just #ValoAww!

Remote working days

For Thursday and Friday, the beautiful and small city of Sitges kept us company for our optional remote working days. More presentations, planning, individual team meetings, coding at night, and of course fun times happened.

Take a look below on what our #ValoTeam has shared from the trip all over social media!

You can find more behind the scenes material from our social media channels using the hashtag #ValoTeamCamp, especially on Twitter and Instagram. 💛 If you wish to be a part of these experiences, read why you should join our #ValoTeam below!

Why join the #ValoTeam?

  • You will have the opportunity to work in a global environment with 50+ experienced and talented colleagues from over 20 nationalities, 10 different countries and 3 continents speaking over 19 languages
  • Want to work from one of our offices in Helsinki (Finland), Jyväskylä (Finland), Montreal (Canada) or Melbourne (Australia)? Great! Want to work remotely from home or your local coffee house around the corner? Let us know and we’ll get it sorted
  • Benefits, benefits, benefits,.. like traveling, re-location possibilities, professional training courses, sports club, fun team events, and a wide partner network – such a great community with our best buddies, where help is always given and knowledge shared! Just to mention a few things
  • And of course, riding the waves of digital workplace technology and innovation with a competitive salary, flexible hours, and having all these awesome folks around you who believe a ‘family feeling’ is important make life at Valo special and unique


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