Welcoming Valo’s new Chief Product Officer, Tiina Rytkönen

New Valo Chief Product Officer Tiina Rytkönen

Tiina Rytkönen will jump on the board as Valo Solutions’ new Chief Product Officer from January 2022 onwards. Tiina will join the crew from one of the biggest teleoperators in Finland, DNA, with 3.5 million subscription customers under their belt.

Tiina has an extensive background in product management and development from the B2B and B2C environments. At DNA’s Director of Digital Development, her role has been to lead digital development with a focus on Product Management including roadmap and vision. With the ability to listen and understand the end-user she believes in working close to the customers.

Customer experience to the spotlight

At Valo, Tiina’s main job will be to discover and develop the right solutions for our end users.

Her path to success is her experience in engaging with the end-users to collect feedback and create and validate new concepts. With her vast experience of setting up and running world-class product management and development organizations, she will level up our ways of working and cross-functional collaboration!

Her passion for customer experience and satisfaction combined with the mindset to create easy-to-use services with positive energy makes Tiina a perfect fit for Valo’s dynamic team!

To make a positive impact on people’s everyday work life – what a great opportunity! I am thrilled to join team Valo, looking forward to working with our great team, to get insights from our partners and our end customers. This will be an exciting journey, and I am ready to go full steam ahead!

Tiina will start in this new position in January 2022. Until then, you can follow her journey over at LinkedIn! Looking ahead to a brighter future of hybrid workplaces.

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