Advanced Metadata and easier multilingual to Valo Teamwork

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With more and more companies adopting Teams and other modern collaboration tools in Office 365, we see more and more demand for solutions that help companies manage and govern the collaboration features. Valo Teamwork’s latest release, 1.18, brings two often requested features into our collaboration suite: Advanced Metadata and easier multilingual capabilities.

Manage and find your groups with Advanced Metadata

In Office 365, there’s a group for everything and everyone. As time passes, your organization embraces Microsoft Teams and other modern collaboration tools and you end up in tens if not hundreds of different groups. Being able to manage the groups and find the right group becomes more and more important, and to solve this challenge we are now enhancing the metadata capabilities within our Teamwork solution.

Starting with this release, 1.18, you can define your own metadata structure with Valo Teamwork Enterprise for every type of group that you have in your organization. You can sort your Project Groups based on Project Manager or Project Type, or your Teams by Department and your Interest Groups based on tags.

Not happy with the default choices? Editing the metadata structure is as easy as creating your own content type for a document in SharePoint – if you know SharePoint, you know how to work with Teamwork!

Search your Groups with different search options

Automatic language adaption with Better Multilingual

Teams are becoming more and more cross-cultural and are not limited by organizational boundaries, physical locations or languages. To better support the needs of organizations with different working languages, Teamwork now automatically adapts the user interface language to any of the 20+ languages we support in Valo Intranet. No matter if your users prefer Chinese, English, German, or Italian, Teamwork user interface will automatically be shown in that particular language.

Valo Teamwork works with the language you prefer. Italian too? For sure!

This release also brings smaller enhancements and tens of bugfixes that are too numerous to list here. As an independent product or an add-on to Valo Intranet, Valo Teamwork is available both for Classic and Modern SharePoint as a Standard or Enterprise version.

Watch the video to see all the new additions to Valo Teamwork!


Valo Teamwork Release 1.18 is available as a free update with a Fresh license for existing customers. To get the update installed into your environment, contact your delivery partner for guidance. To get started with Valo and Teamwork, book a demo with us and we’ll show you how it works!




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