Announcing Valo Connect – the ultimate digital office inside MS Teams

Valo Connect brings your tools and team together

A majority of organizations around the globe are shifting to a mobile-first, cloud-first environment. In many cases, Microsoft Teams is the collaboration hub of choice and although Teams has already answered many of the common workday challenges, the remaining challenges are big adoption blockers. Especially for communication and marketing teams.

After hours of R&D, discussions with Valo Partners, existing Valo customers and feedback from the wider community, we are pleased to announce that Valo Connect, a viable and comprehensive solution, is finally here.

Valo Connect brings all your digital work tools together into one easy-to-use enterprise portal conveniently located within Microsoft Teams. Valo Connect will transform your collaboration hub into a comprehensive digital office!

  • Access easily using your favorite browser, Microsoft Teams client, or mobile device
  • Compatible with any SharePoint page
  • Incorporate your intelligent Apps, like your Power Apps
  • Integrate web applications, sites or 3rd party software

Make the connection

With Valo Connect, you can provide an immersive and personalized digital employee experience within the world’s most loved collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams. It can even help you bridge the connection between your team and the tools they use:

It is precisely the solution that my customers have been craving. Everyone has speedily adopted Teams during COVID. They now want to double down on that investment and continue to consolidate new services into Teams.

Focus on things that matter  by simplifying  your digital employee experience.  When all your everyday work tools are consolidated into one digital office portal, your staff can finally stop spending time trying to find what they need and simply focus more on collaboration and co-innovation.

Enjoy Personalized Experience with Valo Connect
Endless possibilities to offer the right tools to the right people.

You can even bring your most important Intranet content into Teams from news, pages, features, web parts and even add-ons. Integrating your Valo Intranet into Teams will also enable comments and likes for your internal news stories just as easily as in your regular Intranet.

Don’t drag your users over to the intranet. Bring the intranet to the place where they are already working!

In the modern world of digital transformation, where communication and collaboration are at the heart of the workplace, the core benefits of using and consuming Valo Connect on top of Microsoft Teams include:

Communication: Don’t leave anyone behind! Engage with your users.

  • Get the news that matters most to you thanks to the personalized news center
  • Use the home page of your corporate intranet, or any other page, as the landing page of Valo Connect

Collaboration: Bring superpowers to your collaboration

  • Bring all your files, people and news together thanks to our easy Enterprise Search. Edit your documents in context directly in Microsoft Teams.
  • Within your team, enable searches for files and documents, channels and even for private channels

Consolidation: One experience. One hub. Endless capabilities.

  • Bring all the experiences from the Microsoft365 world into one hub
  • Make connections to the ecosystem with your intelligent apps (power apps, power automate, Dynamics365)
  • Seamless integration with the other Valo Product Suite tools: Teamwork, Ideas and Intranet

The cherry on top: Seamless integration with the Microsoft Teams platform

  • All links to rich content are automatically deep linked to offer the best integration for phone calls, instant messages, files, etc.
  • Build as many Valo Connect apps as you want to cater for multilingual use cases, different audiences, different organizations, etc.

And the best part? You can install Valo Connect directly into your existing Teams environment or you can start from scratch. Either way, the installation is a breeze.
Use Valo Connect with any device

Interested? Here are a few answers to questions we thought you might have:

What makes Valo  Connect unique​?

  • Ability to create your own apps​
  • Security trimming​
  • Full support of all Valo Intranet capabilities, including the Universal Web Part, audiences, etc.
  • Full support of SharePoint native components​
  • Mobile native​

What about the SharePoint Home Site App?​

We are as excited as you are about the future release of the SharePoint Home Site App. And yes, we also adhere to a similar ideology and approach as the SharePoint Home Site App.

But, as always, we are here to solve many of the common workday challenges that Microsoft does not address. With Valo Connect you’ll receive enhanced collaboration opportunities, integration with the communication channels and a single, convenient place to consolidate all your tools. In fact, you can fit an entire digital office suite into Valo Connect!

How can you get Valo Connect?

  1. Connect with us to get a demo from one of our amazing, authorized Valo partners.
  2. Configure the Valo Connect application to make it your own.
  3. Customize some of our content centers to set up your information architecture.
  4. Brand the Connect experience to fit your visual guidelines. ​
  5. Ensure a successful rollout by​ adopting a progressive deployment approach.

Let’s get connected and discuss how you can future-proof your digital workplace with Valo Connect.

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