Announcing Valo Entrance – Your doorman to allow VIP access to external users

Announcing Valo Entrance external user access management

Digital collaboration with stakeholders outside your organization has become the new normal. You don’t use couriers anymore to send papers or flash drives to partners you are in business with and you certainly don’t want to do it with email either! All your materials lay in neatly organized folders and pages on SharePoint and you have the discussion platform ready to be used in Microsoft Teams. But how can you share all that information with external users instantly and securely?

Does inviting more than 50 people one by one to various Microsoft Teams channels AND multiple SharePoint locations give you nightmares? Us too. So here at Valo we have created a real solution that makes managing user access effortless: Valo Entrance!

Valo Entrance will make it all easier. It answers your needs not only to invite but also to manage external users in all of the Microsoft 365 applications easily and effectively. But it does so much more than that!

Sharing external user rights in SharePoint with Valo Entrance
Valo comes to the rescue with a real solution that makes managing user access effortless – even in bulk!

You could be a SharePoint/ Microsoft365 Administrator that needs to control external user access to your SharePoint sites (extranets, team sites and the groups behind them). Or perhaps you are a Project Manager who collaborates with external users in Microsoft Teams, but needs to grant them access to other specific resources as well? What if you are a Key Account Manager collaborating with many external users on multiple projects and don’t want to have to keep asking IT for help?

With the Valo Entrance Dashboard, your specified admins can manage external users from one centralized place where they can:

  • Operate on an easy and ready-to-go interface to create Access Units
  • Define which resources external users will have access to
  • Define which email domains or specific email addresses are invited
  • Easily keep an eye on who has already registered and accessed resources

Valo Entrance also offers a brandable one-stop portal where your external users can self-register and afterwards log in easily and simply using their registered email addresses.

With any Extranet, one of the greatest overheads is managing users and their permissions. Valo Entrance alleviates much of that workload for us by enabling users to register through the self-service portal.

Easy external user access with Valo Entrance Access Units

With Valo Entrance, it takes just a few easy steps to add external users to your Valo Extranet or to any of your internal online company resources. With an easy-to-use Dashboard, your chosen administrators will be able to connect external users with any combination of specific content and resources by creating customized Access Units.

Define which data to grant access to in Valo Entrance
Define which data to grant access to for each user / Access Unit in Valo Entrance.

In an Access Unit, you can define the resources (whether it’s a site or a group) to which you want to provide access. You can create practically as many different Access Units as you like and adding external users is simple: just add their specific email addresses to that Access Unit. Or if you prefer, you can also choose to give a larger group of people access to your digital workplace resources by defining an entire email domain (but don’t worry: the whole domain won’t get the notification email. Only those people on that domain who register themselves via the self-registration portal will gain access).

Removing and managing external users works the same way: it takes just a few clicks to adjust or remove permissions for either a single email address or an entire email domain.

And since we know how difficult it can be to remember which user has been added to which Access Unit, there is also a powerful and versatile search functionality. So you can search and find any external user’s Access Units and their permissions in just a few seconds!

Valo Entrance external user access management
There are two sides to the product: Entrance Dashboard for Admins and the Self-Service Registration Portal for External users.

Agile permissions with Access Unit ownerships

Need to expand the group of people who manage your Access Units, but don’t want to give them too many liberties? Don’t worry: with Valo Entrance, you can define who is an Access Unit owner and which Access Units they can edit.

Or perhaps you have particular liaisons at your external partner companies who are in the best position to know who in their own organizations should be given access? In upcoming release versions, you will also be able to add specific external key users as External Access Unit owners. They will then be able to add specific external user emails to particular Access Units on your behalf but will still only be able to see and edit their own Access Units. So you can confidently give them the freedom to manage their own team, provide access where needed and yet they won’t be able to see or access anything they shouldn’t.

Simple Self-Service Registration Portal

After you’ve created the Access Units and assigned external users to them, you can simply ask your audience to sign up in the self-service registration portal. So there’s no need to count and check that you have invited all the required people to join your chosen portal one by one.

After registering, the external users will only have access to the selected Access Unit resources you’ve given them permission for. Then they can easily log in to access the permitted resources from that same branded, mock-website URL any time they need.

Valo Entrance automates and simplifies the most tedious and time-consuming tasks, but enables you to remain in full control of managing your external user permissions.

Fully brandable experience

As with all of our Valo products, Valo Entrance is fully capable of being adapted to suit your visual brand guidelines.

And in addition to the Entrance Dashboard and Self-Service Registration Portal, the automated invitation email design is also fully customizable and brandable. Plus, the self-registration experience works seamlessly on both desktop and on mobile – whichever suits your needs best.

Valo Entrance Registration and Log in Portal
The same URL works in the Self-Service Registration Portal and as well as the emails, the portal is fully brandable.

External user access how it should be

Valo Entrance enables your key internal employees to manage external stakeholder access to your resources effectively, securely and independently – whether they are Key Account Managers, Customer Coordinators or Project Managers. No need for them to know how to code, no need to keep asking your IT department for help.

Just secure, simple external user management when you need it, and how you always dreamed it should be.

How can you get Valo Entrance?

  1. Start by checking that you are using (or about to start using) any of the online Microsoft 365 products and that you have a place where all of the resources for external stakeholders are located, e.g. a Valo Extranet or an OOTB SharePoint Extranet.
  2. Contact us to book a free demo or hear more about Valo Entrance from one of your nearest, certified Valo Partners.
  3. Our Partners are authorized to install Valo Entrance for you, show you how easy it is to use and help you customize each element to match your visual brand guidelines.
  4. With just a few simple clicks, you set up the processes and allocate the “administrators,” ie. the people within your organization responsible for defining the Access Units, permissions and managing your external stakeholders.


Let’s get connected and discuss how you can future-proof your external user access management with Valo Entrance!


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