Bringing more and more user engagement features to Valo Modern with Release 1.3!

Valo Modern will make your content creators happy

Spring has sprung and our team has been really hard at work to ship you Valo Modern release 1.3 – Cathode with tons of features content creators will love!

Valo Modern is now a little bit more than 6 months old and we are really pleased with its growth in the industry! In this release, we focused on bringing great user engagement functionalities to all Content Authors of your organization!

The new, exciting key features of this release are:

  • Fully guided content creation experience with Valo Toolbox
  • Site Design and Site Provisioning Support
  • Branding extensibility through Lightsaber
  • Content analytics with Valo Analytics
  • Office 365 Videos WebPart
  • Language support: Russian, Norwegian and Spanish (on top of existing English, German, French, Dutch, Finnish, Italian and Swedish)

Watch the short demo of the new additions to Valo Modern:

Rich creation of your content using the Valo Toolbox

Creating pages and all types of content using Valo is now absolutely delightful! We help the users in the discoverability of the available pieces of content to be created like showcasing the availability of news, pages, events, alerts, etc with the Valo Toolbox. The genesis of this feature comes from the needs of users to understand their context, without them searching for the possibilities. We want our content authors to find the possibilities as soon as they intent to create content.

With guided content creator getting your content out, even in multiple languages, is easier and faster than ever before

Not only we help them to discover the content that can be created within their Digital Workplace, but we also help them to augment the quality of the data created by adding the possibility to add metadata to the content they are creating. This can be used for targeting, delayed publishing, expiring, filtering, augmenting the context of the content. A much requested feature for a majority of our customers!

Add metadata to your content in Valo Modern
Add metadata to your content to reach the right audience at the right time.

Expand your Digital Workplace further using our Site Design and Site Provisioning support!

Having an initial version of your intranet with your sites, pages and hubs is the easy part. We want to enable you to expand, move and transform your intranet when you are evolving as an organization. Utilizing the Site Designs infrastructure where you can join any site to Valo hub will automatically get the overall Valo Theme, functionality and integration with the rest of your Digital Workplace! A great feature to make sure your Digital Workplace stays active!

Bring your full brand to your Digital Workplace with Lightsaber!

Building a simple Digital Workplace can be really easy! Adapting it to your brand, your visual guidelines or your requirements is not. Valo transforms your brand into effective visual goodness thanks to the Lightsaber feature that is already familiar to Valo (classic) users. We now allow you to build your own Office 365 theme and mix it with custom logos, Valo navigation, and webparts styling!

Not only this now means you can get your specific colors and requirements as part of your Digital Workplace, but you can also do it easily using the visual designer for all your design elements!

Lightsaber Valo Modern 1.3
Lightsaber allows you to make sure your brand with its color is visible also inside your intranet.

Engagement… How can I measure it? With Valo Analytics!

Users are navigating, interacting and engaging with your content. But it’s hard today to get a sense of what is actually your most popular content. Is your news even reaching your target audience? In this release, we are introducing Valo Analytics that give you a good understanding of the content that is popular in your intranet. It’s also available for your site owners to review the success of their site by using our automatic site filtering!

Take a dive to your content’s analytics to see if it has reached your audience.

On top of this functionality, we also make available the Usage of your own tracking code where you can send navigation information to Google Analytics or Application Insights, where you will be able to build your own dashboard to track user engagement.

That’s it? Absolutely not!

Releasing already 4 major features but wait… There is more! We know that Textual elements are great structured elements, but communicating using media like videos will transform your organization. We now bring you a new webpart that allows everyone to add a very good looking Office 365 Videos webpart that allows the user to connect to a specific channel!

We also did a ton of smaller changes including security trimming on the Valo Toolbox, configurations options for the breadcrumb control, performance and caching improvements, etc. Since our initial release from September 2018, this one is definitely the biggest!

Oh… And you know what? It’s already available!

The best thing is that all of those innovations are already available! If you are existing Valo Customer, please contact your Valo Certified Partner to request and schedule your update so you can benefit from all this goodness!

To see what we have already introduced to Valo Modern in our previous 3 releases, go and take a look the previous Release, Anode and read what one of our first Valo Modern customers, L&T, has to say about it.


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