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To deliver an ultimate experience that empowers teams across all organizations to ideate, co-innovate and build their dream workplace. That’s what Valo Ideas is all about! It’s a tool for idea management within your Microsoft Teams and it’s is available as of… NOW!

With Valo Ideas you can:

  • Build a better workplace with an ideation tool that enhances co-innovation and transparency
  • Innovate and make better decisions with ideas that are collected and developed democratically in the idea management tool
  • Take advantage of the digital tools your employees are already using – Microsoft Teams


 Why do you need Valo Ideas?

Did you once have an idea box where anyone could drop their suggestions on a piece of paper? What happened to those notions afterwards? Most of the time they were disregarded or forgotten about. If you were really lucky, a few of them might have been implemented.

Generally in the past, the whole evaluation process of new concepts was done behind closed doors and in small groups. If the idea didn’t make sense or was misunderstood by the very few who were reviewing it, chances are they never made it through. Some amazing ideas never got the opportunity to be implemented simply because the visionary was not able to present their opinions or receive feedback around it.

It’s transparent and democratic

Today ideas can be logged via emails or even better, directly in Teams or other discussion platforms. But the unfortunate reality is that those concepts quickly disappear in the threads of conversations and never stand a chance.

Ideation is at its best when people with different perspectives and expertise start brainstorming:

Imagine a tool where logging ideas is as easy and simple as a conversation! After logging in, the ideas are organized based on your company’s needs and categorized by the teams they are relevant to.

I love the idea about the democratisation of ideas. Ask people for ideas and have other people vote on those ideas. It works to get the conversation started. It works to get buy-in from your employees.

With Valo Ideas, the whole process is open to everyone. People can submit their ideas and anyone who’s part of that Team’s channel can see, like, and contribute. Valo Ideas is all about enabling crowd-sourcing and swarm intelligence!

When you enable employees to tap into the places of improvement, any idea has the power to become part of a bigger business process!

Analyze and measure success in valo ideas
Analyze and measure the ideas to tap into the ones that are most relevant for your business right now.

For the distributed workplaces, from bottom-up

Now that companies are spread out and global, employees are distributed in different locations. At the same time, remote-working has taken a giant leap forward. That means teams can rarely gather together anymore.

For example, people working in customer service are a gold mine of innovative ideas for any business that aims to elevate their customers’ experience. They are the direct channel to product or service improvements and to new feature ideas.


Break down the silos with valo ideas
Break down the silos by offering an ideation tool everyone can access.

Valo Ideas offers them a channel to log their feedback, see what ideas resonate with others, and then act upon the more popular ideas. Valo Ideas offers your workforce a platform where their ideas are visible and they are welcome to contribute no matter their title, location, department, or time zone. Give your team the opportunity to contribute based on what they find important and meaningful.

From the personnel that want to improve their everyday workplace experience, to the manager who wants to be on the pulse of the organization’s wishes, Valo Ideas is a tool for everyone in your organization!

Step by step, Valo Ideas can help you build a workplace with strong internal motivation and engagement.

So what are you waiting for? If you have Microsoft Teams in use, you only need a few moments to adjust your configurations and have it up and running. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you how it works.


Join us for a more in-depth, live-demo webinar Thursday, July 23rd with Valo Ideas Product Owner, Sébastien Levert, and Valo Partner, MVP Maarten Eekels from Portiva.  The webinar will kick off with a short introduction to Valo Ideas and idea management followed by a discussion around how you and your organization can bring your collaboration, communication and co-innovation to the next level!

To make sure you don’t miss it, register below! And if you can’t make it to the live webinar, register anyway and we will send you the recording to watch whenever you wish!


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