First intranet in-a-box for Modern SharePoint On-Premises is here

Valo Intranet in-a-box now on modern on-premises

If strong governance is imperative for your business and On-Premises is your option, you’ll need something more than basic SharePoint 2019 to have a complete intranet experience. Valo got your back as the first intranet in-a-box for Modern SharePoint 2019 On-Premises has arrived!

Modern SharePoint has brought some incredible innovation to the platform. However, Microsoft focus on the online version as it’s the direction most businesses are headed leaving some gaps behind for the On-Premises.

Valo provides what you’re looking for to fill the gaps, and our new on-premises offering is exactly what businesses that don’t want to be on the cloud have been waiting for.

SharePoint 2019 – The Destination and Speed Bump

SharePoint 2019 was eagerly anticipated for those that didn’t want to or couldn’t go the route of online. However, some highly regulated businesses need something that is hosted locally for governance purposes.

While SharePoint 2019 met the needs of these sectors, Microsoft’s clear focus on online is no secret. Bringing Modern SharePoint to On-Premises is nothing short of amazing, but with it came limitations to the platform.

This left SharePoint 2019 a lesser to its online version and that gap continues to grow with every announcement.

There is a big advantage to going the On-Premises route aside from just governance – speed. Everyone using the online version knows it can get sluggish but when everything is hosted locally, you decide how fast you want your environment to be. With On-Premises, you don’t have to worry about it slowing anything down.

5 Ways Valo Intranet On-Premises Enhances SharePoint 2019

So, with a basket half-full, where do you go from here? Modern SharePoint is the tool you want and need but you desire more from it. You see its potential and capabilities, but you require them to be more polished. Here’s

The very first intranet in-a-box for SharePoint 2019 has arrived! Here are some of the ways Valo Intranet for SharePoint 2019 is changing the game for businesses uninterested in the cloud.

1 – Save Time and Money

Whether you’re looking for a moderate to very customizable Intranet using SharePoint 2019, we have the answer. Valo Intranet for SharePoint 2019, the first intranet in-a-box for on-premises, not only has components pre-built, meaning you will save time and money, but is available as a fraction of the cost of a typical custom intranet deployments.

2 – A Mega Improvement to the Mega Menu

Typically, companies have a lot of different divisions within their respective companies or government institutions. On the intranet side of things, that can get messy.

That is why our Global Navigation with the ability to only see links a given employee has access to, is imperative to an effective and efficient working environment. Gone are the days of wondering how to navigate to a specific page in your intranet!

valo-modern on-prem Navigation
Security trimmed navigation and bread crumb make sure you won’t get lost in your Valo Intranet.

3 – You’ll Finally Find What You’re Looking For 

Another way Valo Intranet will improve your internal communications is through our enhanced search. Searching for a specific file or information in your intranet can be taxing, especially when the search doesn’t seem to be looking in the right place.

At Valo, our enterprise search feature and customizable search centers, or news hubs, make sure that within a couple of clicks, you find what you’re looking for.

valo-modern-on-prem- News Hub
Find all the news easily from Valo’s News Hub.

4 – Simplified Content Creation with a Few Clicks

Get rid of needlessly complex content creation. If you’re tired of the back and forth between IT and content creators, there’s a better way. Wouldn’t it be much easier to have content creators post their own content, with an approval process, if needed?

Our templates make it easy for the content creators to make sure their content not only looks good but consistent with the rest of the company. We make it easy for content creators to post news with just a few clicks. Imagine the time and money you would save, not to mention the number of emails you’ll reduce.

With Valo Intranet news creation is easy and you can set common templates to use to ensure the look stays the same, no matter who is creating the piece of news or page.

5 – Hubs Are Back in Town!

Building a modern information architecture without hubs is mission impossible! But not anymore, the days of a hub-less On-Premises are over as we have answered the call and brought them to the SharePoint 2019 experience!

Just the Tip of the Valo Intranet On-Premises Iceberg

The five features above are just something to start from, Valo Intranet for On-Premises has a lot more features to offer your organization will greatly benefit from!

The current features of Valo Modern On-Prem are the following:

  • Global navigation
  • News
  • Front page and content page templates
  • Footer
  • Events
  • My Tools
  • FAQ
  • Important Messages
  • Search
  • Add-on: People
  • Add-on: Social



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