Here they come – The very first Microsoft Teams integrations for Valo

Valo Teamwork and Valo Digital Workplace app with Microsoft Teams integrations

Teams, Teams, everywhere Microsoft Teams! You most likely love it, as we love it! That is why we are heavily investing in Microsoft Teams integrations. Now, the first ones are out as we bring you Valo Teamwork inside Microsoft Teams and direct chat inside People Finder in your Valo Digital Workplace App!

Microsoft Teams hitted over 20 million active users November 2019. Only two years after the launch it’s beating other workplace messaging tools with its popularity. As part of the bundle inside Office 365 productivity suite, it is no wonder organizations are taking it as their own and actively using it for chatting and virtual meetings. During these times it is also increasingly important to have tools that support agile digital communications if being face to face with your colleagues is not an option.

Now, at Valo we are heavily investing on Microsoft Teams integrations as you have it open in many cases all the time anyway. We want to make your Valo experience smoother by bringing it inside this wonderful collaboration tool you are using and which is most likely open all the time anyway. With the latest releases in Valo Teamwork and Valo Digital Workplace App, the journey is only getting started!

Access Valo Teamwork directly from Microsoft Teams

With the latest Valo Teamwork release, 1.21, we are proud to introduce two of our first Microsoft Teams integrations!

The first integration, Valo Teamwork as an app in Microsoft Teams, allows you to access Valo Teamwork by clicking on the ‘Valo’ button available directly on Microsoft Teams’ left navigation bar. You no longer have to open a browser, remember Intranet address or login separately to access the Valo Teamwork dashboard or place orders for new teams or groups or sites. If you are using Microsoft Teams, why to make you jump out of it?

But, if you’re not yet Microsoft Teams user, Valo Teamwork is still available through a regular intranet. Valo Teamwork as part of Microsoft Teams is available in your Teams Client whether you run it as a Desktop app (Windows, Mac or Linux) or use any of the browsers supported by Microsoft. It’s your call which one you want to use.

Valo Teamwork for Teams
Access Valo Teamwork directly from Teams’ navigation bar


From this release on, also the capabilities to generate templates from existing teams inside Valo Teamwork are enhanced. This includes capturing the settings available on an existing team like Tabs, Files, General settings, etc, enabling great governance capabilities and fast-track the self-service order of new teams directly from Teamwork!

There’s also several under the hood improvements made to make sure Valo Teamwork runs smoothly even if you are a member of hundreds of teams. The visual layout of the order form is improved and we’ve introduced the first version of Teamwork Admin UI. This means you will have an even better view over the lifecycle of your teams and groups across your entire organization, with one-click access to information such as locating all the teams that do not have any owner anymore.

Chat with your colleague through Microsoft Teams from Valo Digital Workplace App from Update 1.6 on

If you’re one of those, always on the run, you most likely rely on your mobile device heavily. You keep up with your company news through Valo Intranet’s native app, the Valo Digital Workplace, and chat with your colleagues through Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams inside People Finder
Find your colleague and start a chat in Teams directly from People Finder


In update 1.6, the main focus was put on the very popular People Finder functionality. Now you can start chatting with your co-worker on Microsoft Teams directly from the app’s People Finder by clicking the icon, and add theirs in your device’s address book if you wish. This comes very handy when you need to find someone from your organization you haven’t chatted yet.

To bring more personalization in the content delivered to the users, we’ve enabled audience capabilities also in the app. This means the content of your app is the same as your intranet home page. If you have localized and targeted news based on e.g your home office and your department, you’ll now get the same view in your app. We also delivered customizing the queries that are driving the usability and personalization to ensure that complex and multi-hubs intranets are also delivering great user experience.

Chat on Teams and News

Valo Intranet Release 1.0 Denali – the first intranet in-a-box for Modern SharePoint on-premises

As cloud is not an option for each and every company, on-premises is the road to take. Now as Microsoft introduced Modern on On-Prem, it’s time to fill the gaps to offer a complete intranet experience. That is why we’re bringing you the very first intranet in-a-box for Modern SharePoint, Valo Intranet Release 1.0 Denali.

Valo offers the same set of basic features that the online version has including Mega Menu, easy content creation experience and more and as a nice bonus, you’ll get a fast and secure intranet without the need to compromise on either.

valo-modern-on-prem- News Hub


These new features are only the tip of the iceberg on our existing products. To see what they are all about, take a digital tour or book your own demo to find out how all this can be fitted inside your company, in no time, cost-effectively.

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