Introducing Crisis Communications Site at Valo Intranet

Crisis Communications Site at Valo

At the time of crisis, it is important that people get notified quickly and are up-to-date about the situation all the time – thus we are introducing a crisis communications ready-built template for your Intranet. If you are a Valo Customer, we now bring you a ready-built site template to ease the task and bring some additional #ValoLove on top of it!

Many companies are facing a new situation – how to cope with remote work and handle information flow when everything needs to suddenly be communicated digitally. Also, in a crisis situation we are now facing, the information flow is huge especially when we want to combine different information sources together.

When the relevant content is shared from one place but from several channels, the time saved for combining the information is multiplied. By selecting the right communication channels to gather all that information together, the user will find the needed information what they are seeking for effortlessly and fast.

Therefore for all Valo Customers, we now offer a Crisis Communications site template to your Valo Intranet where you can find all the relevant information regarding the crisis.

Empower your remote workforce

Two-way communication solutions are now needed when people are forced for social distance.

For example, Microsoft Teams usage has exploded within a week, now hitting already 44 million active users and no wonder. Microsoft Teams enables chatting with your colleagues, quick video calls or bigger meetings and creating off-topic rooms and other “virtual coffee machines” we all are missing at times we need to work remotely. No matter what tool in use, they enable transparent communication throughout the organization.

But to build effective crisis communications, especially in bigger organizations, having something more static is also needed.

Ready-built template at Valo Intranet to get started

Crisis Communications Site template is a pre-build site template inside Valo Intranet, which runs on top of SharePoint and Office 365. Taking it in use is straight-forward. The site template, which itself is built as a homepage inside the intranet hub Valo customers already have, you will get a ready-made template that includes pre-built web parts including alert news, targeted news, Valo FAQ, People Finder, RSS news, events, Quick Polls, Yammer embed, Power BI reports and social media feeds to get started too.

Highlight your new Crisis Communications site with Important Messages and with Call-to-Action banner in your Mega Menu

Once your communication site is up, it’s important people will find it easily. For that, we have a couple of solutions, all available in Valo Intranet. Valo offers Important messages feature that allows you to push out messages under the menu bar.

Also, to catch the attention in Valo’s Mega Menu we offer the possibility to add an eye-catching Call-to-Action image in there to make sure your new site won’t get lost in your navigation and be missed! Naturally, the CTA item is in use for any needs in your Valo Intranet’s navigation tool.

Grab your user’s attention with CTA image in your Valo Intranet’s Mega Menu.

Valo Digital Workplace App is already in your use

If your organization uses Valo Intranet on top of Modern SharePoint, and you have Fresh subscription, Valo Digital Workplace App is only a download away for all your intranet users. All the Important Messages will appear as push notifications if the app is running in the background. You don’t need to configure anything as it’s set up already based on your intranet content.

For the employee, all you need to do is to download the app from the Google Play Store for Androids or App Store for iPhones.

You’ll receive important messages in Valo Digital Workplace App too.

We have collected you the best remote working tips to keep your workforce happy and full of energy. If you want to know more about what our solutions bring on top of SharePoint and why we were chosen as the best Intranet in North America and Europe in 2020, continue your journey here.

We are here for you to get your crisis communications up and running quickly. Get in touch via email or schedule a call, and get to know your new intranet via a trial!



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