Office 365 roadmap and Valo Intranet

Microsoft is adding new features into the Office 365 ecosystem at a faster pace than ever before. How about Valo Intranet? How does the Valo Team work and stay innovative? And how this helps customers to be competitive?

Now that you’re done launching Yammer in your organization, you might be scratching your head thinking about launching the new features such as Delve, Groups, and Sway. Oh, and don’t forget Office Video and InfoPedia. Just to mention a few.

Quite often, the Valo team gets asked these questions: How does Valo Intranet address the new features in Office 365? When will Groups be part of your concept?

Working as early adopters

The Valo team – in this context referring to the entire team of 100 technology experts in Blue Meteorite – is keeping a very close eye on Microsoft updates. We read blog posts and tweets, we interact with Microsoft, we participate in early adopter programs. Our team attends partner events where new updates are published. (I am writing this post in Amsterdam, where UnityConnect, one of Europe’s biggest SharePoint/Office 365 community events is taking place right now.)

We are not just reading and hearing about it – we ourselves are working as a pilot group, using the latest Office 365 technologies in our own daily work.

Our mission is to provide our customers a ready-to-go intranet that aligns with Microsoft’s strategy and includes the proven and stable features of Office 365 –  and deliver them to the end users in a way they really want to use.

We’ve learned that Microsoft often publishes the minimum viable version of any new product. Many of the recently published stuff might look promising (and they are very promising too), but sometimes they take a while to mature. For instance, this month we are about to publish an Office 365 Video feature in Valo (release notes will be published here!), and Delve will be included very soon. These are features that we feel mature enough for serious enterprise use, and that bring our customers true business value. Groups will be there as well, but it’ll have to grow up first. Same goes to the authoring canvas and InfoPedia.

It is a privilege for us to be part of Microsoft’s cloud transformation journey. Our customers are getting more and more value for the money they invest in the Microsoft cloud. I can hardly wait to see what new features Microsoft will publish before end of year.

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