Organization Chart for Valo Intranet, and new features for Valo Teamwork and Valo Ideas too

Valo Intranet Release 1.8 brings organization chart and blog improvements to our base intranet

Along with three new products under our belts for 2020, our developers have been working hard to bring new updates for the existing products. From release 1.8 on, Valo Intranet includes a brand new Organization Chart and enhanced Event Center. Valo Teamwork release 1.23 introduces new Governance options and with Valo Ideas 1.2 onward, you can create ideas in draft modes and more!

In the previous Release Highlights, we covered the Microsoft Teams integrations as Valo Teamwork enabled access directly from Teams, and the Digital Workplace Mobile App got the integration to direct Teams chat. After that, we’ve brought a lot more #ValoLove to Teams with the brand new Valo Ideas and Valo Connect that both use Microsoft Teams as the platform.

Now we’re back with new features to Valo Intranet, Valo Teamwork, and Valo Ideas with top-requested features coming directly from our customers and partners!

Valo Intranet 1.8 Strobe with long-waited Organization Chart

The long-anticipated feature, Organization Chart is here! The new web part allows users to browse the organization’s structure in a visual way. Organization Chart can also be connected to Valo Jobs web part to show open Positions in the team also in the chart view. Organization Chart allows also showcasing your Open Positions in it

Organization Chart allows also showcasing your Open Positions in it utilizing Valo Jobs Web partFrom this version onwards Valo Intranet has a completely new Event view panel that quickly shows all the event-related information in a single view. This is the first part of our upcoming Valo Events Center feature so stay tuned for more.Valo Event View in Valo Intranet 1.8 on

The Blogs home page is redesigned to boost your and your team’s productivity. It now shows highlighted, most viewed, and most recent blog posts’ web parts and of course has the familiar customized search experience.

Some other nice additions to this release:

  • When creating a new site, you are now able to add additional site collection admins directly from the Valo Toolbox
  • Valo Toolbox has new improvements and the content in Intranet settings respects the user rights based on if the user is a Site Owner, Content Editor, or User
  • Support for Organization assets library when adding images
  • Editor Dashboard is a new experience where users can quickly see and edit the pages, available with the Adoption add-on
  • Support for the out-of-the-box multilingual capabilities on SharePoint enables you to choose either the Valo Multilingual or remain with the OOTB capabilities

Valo Teamwork 1.23 with new governance options

The Valo Teamwork release 1.23 contains new governance options for templates. In detail, power users will be able to define a minimum number of owners/members as well as to specify default owners/members in Valo Teamwork templates. This feature can be used in the following templates: Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 groups, and SharePoint sites.

Valo Teamwork -1_23_Governance options for templates Membership
Valo Teamwork 1.23 has now more Governance options for templates Membership

Valo Teamwork supports now 24 languages, as Croatian and Czech are available from this release on. The supported number of templates is considerably increased from the previous 40, and the installation experience is improved as well.

Ideas 1.2 Vega with My drafts and improved life-cycle management

Valo Ideas was launched only a couple of months ago and now we bring a release that fulfills requests from the users!
From this release onwards users can quickly save their ideas as drafts without filling in all the mandatory details. Draft ideas can be easily found from the Ideas dashboard from the My Drafts tab and they are visible only for the user that created the draft. After finalizing and filling in the Idea information form, the draft idea can be published and will be visible to the whole organization.

Valo Ideas - My Drafts in 1.2
Anyone can now enter ideas and save them as drafts before publishing them to the whole organization.

Life-cycle management is now improved to both idea status and campaigns. When the status of the idea is changed, that can now be optionally updated in the Idea conversation in Teams and the status is also visible in the Idea Card itself. On top of that, there are more enhancements done to life-cycle management, such as

  • Ability to add multiple owners and assign them to a campaign
  • Ability to add Microsoft 365 stock images and assign them to campaigns
  • Assign start and end dates for campaigns and the possibility to change them if needed by the campaign owner
  • Support for three new languages: Greek, Romanian and Serbian (Latin) on top of the existing


That’s it, for the highlights of the three product releases. There’s plenty more that was not covered here so to get the full feature list and tour, book a demo or contact your nearest Valo Delivery Partner.


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