Valo Intranet Release 1.5 – Alert News and Videos on Intranet

It’s that time again – we’re pleased to announce the release of Valo Intranet 1.5. With alert news the content creator can catch up all employees and have their attention to inform about critical or very important issues. Another useful and effective new feature is videos. Using videos on your Intranet, you can reach more views easily, have a inspirational way to teach, introduce a new team member, or launch a project, you name it.

Alert News – inform the whole organization about a significant news item

In a modern organization, the Intranet is one of the most important platforms for internal communications. Therefore, we feel that it should play a central role in crisis communication as well. This is where Valo’s new Alert News feature comes in.

Alert news displayed on yellow background on top of the page

Alert News enables you, the content producer, to quickly publish an important news item and ensure that the message is spread efficiently across the organization.

Alert news displayed on yellow background on top of the page

Please, note that the alert News feature is available free of charge for our Software Assurance customers.

Videos – create video content and get more views

One of the hottest Intranet trends right now is video content. Office 365 users are very fortunate to have access to Office 365 Video Portal, one of Microsoft’s recent additions to their cloud platform. And thanks to Valo Intranet, your Intranet users can enjoy the videos as part of their Intranet user interface.

Valo’s Latest Video feature surfaces the videos from the Video portal seamlessly into your Intranet user experience. You can display latest videos from the entire video storage, or choose to display latest videos from a selected channel (think YouTube).

How to use video on your Intranet?

For instance, you can record new employee presentation videos using your iPhone, then upload the videos into Office 365 Video Portal using the designated app. You can tell the HR subarea of your Valo Intranet to display the latest new employee videos from the portal. Or you could replace your Intranet’s boring company history pages with professionally produced video content. Create the content, upload it into Video Portal, and tell Valo Intranet to display the company history videos in the corresponding part of your Intranet. Of course, it works with mobile as well. Another thought: Why not start publishing Corporate news in video format, instead of content pages?

Valo Intranet Latest Video add-on is in a beta testing phase and might not yet work in all platforms. A stable version is expected to launch by the end of 2015.

Minor improvements and fixes

In addition to the new exciting features discussed above, our team has again worked hard to stabilize the product and invent minor improvements that make the information worker’s life more enjoyable. A total number of 40 issues were fixed in this four-week development sprint.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Valo Intranet gang coming soon… Meanwhile, explore our blog for insightful articles and ideas, or book your own Valo demonstration from us.

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