Release 1.6 – Create surveys and manage event registrations

Valo Intranet New Release

We’re happy to announce the release of Valo Intranet 1.6. The team has been busy again, and this time, we have added a self-service Event Registration feature and a whole new Survey feature. We have also significantly stabilized the Video capability, just to highlight a few improvements.

Event Hub – easy way to plan events and manage registrations

Publishing information about events and trainings is a key feature in most intranets. Valo Intranet’s Event Hub is a solution for this purpose. Event Hub is a place for publishing event information in an effortless way. In Valo Intranet, you create the event information once and publish it anywhere; On the start page, Human Resources page, etc. In this release, we have enriched the Event Hub by adding a feature for event registration. This makes it easy for event organizers to build events and manage registrations. Save your time and make attendees happy! The Event Registration feature can increase attendance to your events when employees can register (and unregister, obviously) themselves to events online. They can choose to copy the event into their Outlook calendars.

Register to an event anywhere, with any device.
Register to an event anywhere, with any device.

Survey – how are we doing today?

In addition to being an important tool in getting the Corporate Strategy across to the employees, the Intranet is also very useful for receiving information from bottom to top. The Survey is a perfect tool for that. Get insight from your valued employees and hear their opinion. This will help build positive employee relations and a positive work environment.

SharePoint has its native survey list, but have you ever tried adding it onto a page in your own Intranet? Yammer has its poll, but can you use it with mobile devices? Valo Intranet fixes all these shortcomings, at last providing the Valo Intranet content producers a user-friendly tool they deserve.


Minor improvements and fixes

In addition to the new exciting features discussed above, our team has again worked hard to stabilize the product and invent minor improvements that make the information worker’s life more enjoyable. For instance, we have added a fat footer so that you can ensure that your users find the information they are looking for. We have also further improved and stabilized the Video add-on, making it possible to enjoy videos with a larger variety of end devices and browsers. A total number of 34 issues were fixed in this four-week development sprint.


Exciting new features coming up next year

Our creative team is full of ideas for 2016. Stay tuned for these exciting new features: Mobile app, SharePoint 2016 compatibility, new user experience with Lux UI theme, Administrator’s Toolpack for statistical analyses in Intranet, and HR Forms. Just to name a few.



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