Teams Channel Creation, Predefined Filters and SharePoint Site Creation to Teamwork

Valo Teamwork makes collaboration easy

With more and more companies adopting Teams and other modern collaboration tools in Office 365, we see more and more demand for solutions that help companies manage and govern the collaboration features. Valo Teamwork release, 1.19, brings several enhancements to our collaboration suite: Teams Channel Creation, Predefined Filters and SharePoint Site Creation.

Create Teams Channels and Tabs automatically

For a long time, we’ve had the capability to manage the creation of Teams in Teamwork. For every Project, Team or other Workspace you create, you can define if a Teams Team should be created and set various settings such as if members should be allowed to create new channels.

Starting with the 1.19 release, you can add Channels and Tabs into your Teams automatically on Teams creation. This means you can automatically create e.g. a “Project Management” channel for every Team you create through Teamwork, ensuring all of your Teams follow the same structure from the get-go. This in turn makes it easier for your employees to jump between projects and find information quickly.

Get the right view into your Teams with Predefined Filters

The previous release brought the much-improved view into your Workspaces with the Advanced Metadata capabilities, allowing you to define e.g. a department structure, project manager, or project classification for each of your Teams or SharePoint Sites.

Today, you will be able to use these metadata values to create predefined filters and save different views of your Teams / Sites into different parts of your Intranet. So you’ll be able to list all the IT-related Workspaces on the IT homepage, Engineering Workspaces in the Engineering home of your intranet and so on. And that’s not all, if as an end user you are not satisfied with these readymade options, you can also save your very own view as a favorite into your browser bookmarks to always have it available with one click.

Create SharePoint Sites without Groups

Even as collaboration in Office 365 has been about Teams, Teams and a little more Teams for the last two years, there are still situations where all you need is just a SharePoint site. Maybe you need a template for a Contract Archive, or a SharePoint site with specific permissions for external collaboration.

With Valo Teamwork, you can now create SharePoint Sites in addition to creating Office 365 Groups and Teams. The sites can be Communication Sites, Modern Team Sites or Classic Publishing Sites. You can define your own templates with the industry-standard PnP Templating, and of course you can apply the same filtering and search capabilities for sites as well as Groups.

This release also brings smaller enhancements and bug fixes to the previous release. As an independent product or an add-on to Valo Intranet, Valo Teamwork is available both for Classic and Modern SharePoint as a Standard or Enterprise version.

Watch the video to see all the new additions to Valo Teamwork!


Valo Teamwork Release 1.19 is available as a free update with a Fresh license for existing customers. To get the update installed into your environment, contact your delivery partner for guidance. To get started with Valo and Teamwork, book a demo with us and we’ll show you how it works!


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