The Next Step for Intranet and Business Productivity – Valo 1.16 Greenray: Top Ideas Web Part, Office 365 Groupify, and a lot more!

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Dear intranet lovers! We have some exciting news to share with you! The Valo team has worked tirelessly to bring you a better workday experience and now the wait is over. Valo 1.16 Greenray is packed with great new features that bring your productivity tools closer than ever. This new release will add exciting new features to Valo Idea Management, Intranet, Teamwork and our Valo Mobile App!

Valo Idea Management

The Idea Management module enables you to launch innovative campaigns within your company. It is an easy-to-use, attractive and engaging platform for submitting and nurturing ideas. Whether the ideas are related to strategy, office space, or product portfolio – you can now find them all in one place.

The card layout gives the Top Ideas web part a very modern look.

Idea Management shouldn’t be an island of information in your digital workplace. Therefore, we created the Top Ideas web part, as a bridge between Idea Management and your Intranet portal. It displays the latest, most liked or most commented on ideas, depending on how you decide to set it. In addition, Ideas can be filtered based on all categories and the web part includes a shortcut for submitting a new idea.

The Top Ideas web part is developed with SharePoint Framework (SPFx), meaning that you can use it in both Classic and Modern SharePoint! The web part also works for on-premises environments (although it requires SharePoint 2016 with the January 2018 Cumulative Update.)

The new Top Ideas web part works in both Classic and Modern SharePoint.

For this release, we’ve also added the following features to Idea Management:

  • Idea Search
  • Customizable Idea State Colors
  • Customizable Categories and Benefits

The Valo Intranet Module – Improvements and fixes for even more stability

The release of 1.15 Sundog was a huge one for Valo Intranet. Therefore, with the release of 1.16 Greenray, we’ve focused on stabilizing the existing features, and adding some 40 minor improvements and fixes!

In parallel with the current version of Valo Intranet, we’ve been working on something big! Leveraging Modern SharePoint, we’ve built an all new version of Valo you won’t want to miss!

Valo Teamwork – Supporting Groupify and group classification

With the announcement of the highly-anticipated Groupify feature by Microsoft, we are happy to inform you that Valo Teamwork is fully ready to support it! This feature will allow you to connect an Office 365 Group to your existing SharePoint Team Sites (or other SharePoint site collections, allowing you to bring your existing content within reach of Valo Teamwork. Therefore, making the switch from Classic to Modern SharePoint/Valo nearly effortless.

We have also added support for Office 365 Group classification – a feature included in the Azure AD Premium license. Starting with this version, Teamwork will automatically detect if you have a classification policy in your organization and present the user with a choice for the classification on the order menu, with default classification automatically selected if one exists.

Valo Teamwork now works seamlessly with the Group Classification feature.

Keeping the improvements rolling, we have also worked hard to stabilize and improve this tool, adding approximately 20 minor features and fixes.

Valo Mobile App 3.0 supports video news and is now available in German and on your iPad

Valo Mobile App places your company’s Valo intranet in every employee’s pocket. This update comes with several new exciting features, which bring the Valo Mobile App to a whole new level.

Using videos for internal communications is a growing trend. Imagine the benefits of delivering executive announcements as video messages when sharing corporate news. To support this, the Valo Mobile app now delivers news enriched with video content from Office 365 Videos, Youtube or Vimeo.  Videos and news content, in general, can be viewed in landscape mode. The release also brings improvements to images and rich text formatting within each news items. Also, due to popular demand, we have added German language support for the Valo Mobile App.

Newly added iPad support makes the Valo app available for tablet users as well. In addition, Android 8 and iPhone X are now supported.

Valo Mobile App version 3.0, is now available for Android and iOS for all Valo Fresh subscribers.


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