Valo Classic Release 1.20 Sylvanshine – easier transition to the Modern experience, improved visualizations for your intranet analytics, and more!

valo release 1.20

We’re bringing lots of added value to our Fresh Subscription customers with new features, as well as making the transition to Valo Modern that much smoother.

Valo release 1.20 Sylvanshine is out!  In the previous release, we bridged the gap between the different Valo modules, including improvements to the Top Ideas web part. We have also introduced the Search Hub, which leverages Modern development technologies.

This time, we continue adding new features, as well as facilitating the migration from Classic to Modern.

Modern Header and Footer

We know that quite a few users of Valo Classic – especially the ones who use the Online version – are looking at Modern SharePoint and Valo Modern and thinking, “I love those Modern experiences. I’d love to be able to switch to Modern today. How can I achieve that, without making a huge project out of it?”

At Valo, we’ve answered that call by adding a Modern Header and Footer feature. What it means, in practice, is that you can have Valo Modern and Valo Classic installed in parallel on the same tenant (remember that as an existing Fresh Subscription customer of Valo Classic, you don’t pay any additional license costs for Modern), and when your Modern site looks good and its navigation is in good shape, you can enable your Classic site to use the navigation available in Modern! This provides a smooth transition from Classic to Modern with minimum impact on your end-users’ daily lives.

valo release 1.20
Enjoy the Modern header and navigation experience also in Valo Intranet built on top of Classic SharePoint

The Modern Header & Footer feature serves another very common scenario: Using Valo Intranet Modern together with Valo Idea Management (currently built on Classic). Thanks to this feature, you can now display your intranet’s navigation in your Idea Management site as well.

And that’s not all! In order to make your Classic to Modern transition even smoother, we have created a navigation copier tool! It can be used for copying the existing Classic navigation entirely to your Modern site. Once the navigation is copied, its elements will, of course, initially point to the existing Classic pages. After that, you can start working on your Modern pages and replace the navigation items one-by-one with the Modern versions!

Three main scenarios where the Modern Header & Footer feature will help you:

  1. Using Valo Intranet Modern together with Valo Idea Management
  2. Migrating from Classic to Modern, by deploying Modern, building the Modern navigation from scratch, then replacing the Classic navigation with the Modern one
  3. Migrating from Classic to Modern, by copying the existing navigation structure from Classic to Modern with our navigation copier tool

Admin Toolpack Visuals

Admin Toolpack is Valo Intranet’s analytics toolkit, which is available as an add-on feature. It displays statistics that all intranet owners want to see such as, most popular pages, least visited pages, most commented news, etc.

In this release, we have made the presentation of the KPIs more visual, in addition to the previous table format. The admin can decide, for each KPI, if they want to enable the visual presentation or not. Then, by clicking on an icon at the top right corner, the end-user can switch between the table and the graph format.

Switch between table and graph format in your Admin Toolpack KPI easily.

Plus a bunch of minor improvements

Although the new features look awesome, we believe that the biggest value in the annual Valo Fresh subscription lies in the fact that we keep your intranet product robust, fresh, and adjust it to the changes of the SharePoint/Office 365 platform, whenever needed.

We’re doing our best to listen to customers and partners. That’s why, at times, the minor features or fixes can be the most interesting part for you. You might even see certain minor improvements or fixes you’ve reported to us previously.

Here’s just a small subset of the minor features included in this release:

  • Idea Management mobile UX improvements
  • My Tools – more configuration options, optimizing link storage format, enabling more custom links per user
  • Survey webpart with visitor users
  • Duplicated navigation in some cases
  • Some icons missing

For a complete list of the 40+ improvements and fixes for this release, please refer to the release notes (contact your delivery partner to get them). We hope that the list of fixes in this release satisfies you!


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