Valo Connect Consolidates All Your Digital Workplace Tools Inside Microsoft Teams

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Are you ready for a digital workplace experience that drives communication, collaboration, and co-innovation directly in Microsoft Teams? If so, Valo Connect is the platform for you! Valo Connect consolidates all of your digital workplace tools and content into Microsoft Teams enabling a smoother digital workplace experience.

The current remote working practices often brings the freedom to choose where to work from, but it requires a lot from the organization, especially from IT. They need to provide digital tools that people, no matter what their digital skill levels are, can find and use easily and effectively.

Microsoft Teams answers most of the needs for businesses needing synchronous collaboration. This is why it has become the king of instant messaging and why people spend most of their digital workdays there.

Tools, tools, and more tools

But, even Teams doesn’t offer everything. In general, whether you have Teams in use or not, you still need tool(s) for communication, collaboration, and co-innovation.

On top of that, your business probably needs separate solutions for HRM, travel expenses, holiday applications, not to mention the tools that different departments require for example, from CRM to ERP to marketing automation tools.

So no matter what, it is vital that you offer your employees access to those tools quickly to ensure you give them a smooth employee experience.

Even though we cannot resolve all the challenges your digital workplace is facing, we have something unique coming up that will make yours and everyone’s life easier when navigating in the wild of your digital tools!

Build your dream digital workplace with Valo Connect
Build your dream digital workplace with Valo Connect.

Valo Connect – for your corporate communications inside Teams

Teams offers a great experience for collaboration.

But, the more teams and channels you are in, the more noise there is. If you have need for corporate-level communication, the information can quickly get lost in all those discussions.

Now people have adopted Microsoft Teams, and settled in so well, it might be that they won’t bother going elsewhere to look for your important news. Instead, they will expect everything to come to them from inside Teams.

So much more than just an intranet inside Teams

Some of the enterprises have already integrated their intranet front page into Teams, which is an excellent start!

But, what if you could also set up a News Centre directly inside Microsoft Teams that would bring all the news from your intranet, whether it’s organizational level, targeted or external industry news, to your audience where they’re working? Or, even add other tabs to your most used tools in a neat navigation tab?

Bring your intranet and other important business tools to Teams
Bring your intranet and other important business tools to Teams

Whether it’s a SharePoint page, an external HRM system, ERP, or any other vital platform that’s frequently used, all of them can be brought into Microsoft Team with Valo Connect.

With Valo Connect you can bridge the gaps between all the digital tools you use, housing them directly inside Microsoft Teams.

Win-win for everyone

Your Communications Department will be happy as they can get the news and important information closer to the employees. Your IT will love it as security guidelines will stay the same while they can set up multiple apps for multiple audiences.

Most importantly, your employees are going to love it as their digital environment is yet again a bit more structured! They become happier and more efficient as they don’t need to think about where all the tools are located. All they need to do is to tap into Microsoft Teams, just like they already do, and thanks to Valo Connect, they land in the heart of their digital workplace.

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