Valo Entrance 2.0 is out with support to French and Spanish!

Valo Entrance Registration and Log in Portal

With Valo Entrance 2.0 release, the primary goal was to improve the overall experience, support new languages, and bring the long-awaited support for External Access Unit Owners. Not to mention strict security assurance. Now they’re all at your disposal to make your work easier with the external user management!

Providing defense to threats in a cloud system requires a new and evolving AI-driven approach. Security is extremely important for our customers and partners, and therefore Ampcus Cyber Inc. was invited to make an external security audit to check the code and verify what we already knew: Valo Entrance is a highly secure tool.

Valo Entrance isecurity tested by Ampcus Cyber
Ampcus Cyber security tested Valo Entrance to verify its security

Support for external Access Unit Owners

From Valo Entrance Release 2.0  on, you are able to add also External Access Unit Owners. A security group called Entrance External Access Unit owners is created during the pre-configuration steps where the external users added to that group will get External Access Unit Owner rights in the Entrance Dashboard. The Valo Entrance Visitors group will host the security group of Entrance External Access Unit owners.

On top of focusing on the security, some minor improvements on the texts, buttons, and tooltips inside are included in the Access Units.

Support for two new languages and enhancements in Self-Registration Portal

Valo Entrance now supports French (fr-FR) and Spanish (es-ES) languages, s’il vous plaît! These languages are additions to already existing English, French, German, Spanish, Finnish & Dutch. If you have other must-have languages to support your external access management needs, don’t hesitate to reach us!

In Self-Registration Portal your users enter to Lobby instead of My Places. The description is slightly modified too. There’s now also support for one-time passcode authentication meaning you can invite people that cannot be found from Azure AD or from Google Federation.


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