Valo Intranet Release 1.10 – Intranet available in 11 languages, attractive Idea Management feature, improved user experience, and more!


Hello friends of Valo Intranet! We are happy to announce the newest release of Valo Intranet. This time in this 1.10 Autumn Release, we have rolled out many new features based on humble listening and innovative thinking. We maintain close relationships with our partners around the world and we love to listen carefully to their suggestions. We also get feedback from our users and we use it to improve Valo Intranet continuously. But we do more than that. We want to develop new solutions that actually change our users’ way of working and doing things. Let’s jump into what’s new and beneficial in this version!

11 languages supported for your intranet

Now you can have an intranet on your own language! We provide Valo Intranet in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, and Finnish. And our future releases will include more intranet languages like French, Italian, Portuguese,.. Imagine your intranet with fully translated into your native language, that’s awesome!

Awaken your creative power with game-like Idea Management Tool

Bring your business to the next level by capturing ideas from employees with a brand new Idea Management add-on. From now on, it is easy to collect and grow new ideas to solve existing problems and discover new opportunities.

Collect, co-develop and execute your ideas with Idea Management feature

Drive innovation through collaboration! Idea management comes with scores, colorful badges, visual elements, liking, and commenting. Encourage your employees for more creative thinking and boost your company’s idea-to-launch process.

Event calendar with more visual elements

We have made some design improvements to Event Calendar feature. From now on your Valo Intranet looks more visual with calendar icons!


Mobile App update

The first version of Valo Mobile App is now ready. We are currently in the process of publishing it into the Google Play and Apple’s App Stores, where it will be available for download by the end of October. Valo Mobile App is available free of charge for Valo Fresh customers that have deployed Valo into their Office 365 cloud environment. Right after the first release, we will further enrich the app with notifications and other goodies, and also innovate completely new Intranet apps.

We also recommend downloading Microsoft’s SharePoint app and using Valo with it – it looks great!

Valo Intranet mobile app – soon to be on Google Play and Apple’s App Store

Other improvements

In addition to the above-mentioned, this release includes also numerous other improvements like better navigation, fixes for reported bugs, and overall stability improvements to enhance Valo Intranet performance.

Further things to come

While you are enjoying our latest Autumn release, we are already working on the next release which will bring new features like the long awaited multilingual user interface for international companies. At the same time we are keeping a very close eye on Microsoft updates and adapting Valo to the new SharePoint framework and modern functionalities, for example modern team sites and publishing sites. Thanks to the current modern architecture of Valo, aligning it with the latest updates will be very easy. So have fun with this new release and stay tuned for the things to come in the future!

Proud finalist in the Best Intranet Awards 2016

Valo Intranet is one of the Best Intranet / Extranet Solutions in Europe! We are super excited about this and now the power is in your hands. The winner is selected from among the 5 finalists by your votes. Please go vote for Valo Intranet and help us to conquer the world. We are grateful for your support, that means a lot to us. Every vote counts!


The company behind Valo Intranet is called Blue Meteorite (Microsoft Country Partner Of The Year 2016) with some 100 SharePoint specialists. For Valo Intranet, we have a dedicated team 10 people strong. This team is not only inventing better tools for the workday experience, but also constantly aligning the product with the changes and new features in the Office 365 and SharePoint platform. We roll out a new release four times a year and publish hotfixes in between if necessary.

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